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maxium flexibility?

Guest cheeriodancer10

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Guest cheeriodancer10

One of my dance teachers told me that the amount flexibility you have at 16 is the most you will have for the rest of your life. I'm 14 right now, not super flexible, but I can get my leg up there if I try. The only thing is that I have to stretch for a long time before I can get close to the splits. I started dancing 6 days a week this year and haven't seen great improvement in my flexibility. What could I do to increase it? Do I need to stretch more on my own time?

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Cheerio, there's something we don't do here, and that's write in computerese, or teenspeak. "u" for "you" is not acceptable, and neither is "b4" for "before" nor "2" for "to" or "too". Capitalization, Grammar, and punctuation are also required subjects. Many of our posters speak English as a second or a third language, and Standard English helps them to understand what's being asked.


You can fix your post using the "edit" function of the board, and then I'll undertake to answer your question.

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A fair go, as editing goes. I had to edit it again, to get it into Standard English.


As far as flexibility goes, I wouldn't say that 16 is the maximum. Dame Margot Fonteyn developed additional flexibility and strength and allover technique well into her forties! She moved with the times, but she was a rare exception. A few weeks, or months, will not make a great deal of difference. Perhaps a millimeter per day of extra stretch is all that you can hope for, even if you stretch every day. And remember, you must be well-warmed-up before you stretch. Expect setbacks, too. There will be times when you just tighten up, for all sorts of reasons, and you will seem to lose ground. Don't let this discourage you. Keep going, work sensibly, and listen to your teacher - in the long run (and this is what you're in for) it will pay off.

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Guest Eulalia

Does that mean that your grande jete and devellope will be at their best while you're 16? Or can you still develop your flexibility and strength after 16? Please expound upon this.

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I've seen plenty of students develop flexibility and strength after middle adolescence. That means more split jetés, better and higher developpés. No further exposition is necessary.

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