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Guest lil_ballet_isabella2005

I need your help! i am 13 years old, and i love ballet a lot. :wub: the problem is, i've never taken lessons because i have been cheering for 8 years. :rolleyes: Do you think i am too old to start to take lessons now? should i just forget about it? :shrug: because im afraid that people will make fun of me because i just started and im not very good at it.


please give me your thoughts!




:) lil_ballet_isabella :clover:

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It's never to late to start. You might have to find a studio that will put you in "adult" or "non-career track" classes, because most 13 year olds aren't beginners, or you might have to be willing to dance with kids a bit younger than yourself. But it's definetly not to late to start.


There is a woman in one of my classes who put on ballet slippers for the first time this year, at 47, so 13 is nothing.


If you want to try it, do it!

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I'm going to take this thread and put it right up with the dancers, in Young Dancers 13-16. It's more a class question anyway, even if you haven't started yet, and Dancers for Dancers is the forum for dancers to ask things like, "Have you seen the Stuttgart's new boy, Heino von Gutenabendbitte?"

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No one - and I mean NO ONE - is ever too old to learn ballet for the pure joy and wonderful benefits of it. I have seen women who were GRANDMAS and just starting ballet. If they're striving for a professional career, it might be a problem because most 13-year-olds are on a pro-track program. But if you're starting just for fun, go ahead and do it! Remember, every dancer out there was a beginner once!

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Guest prissydancer08

no, its not to late to start taking dance. Your first year or two you might be stuck with the younger age group and thats not sayin you are bad its just because you are beginning. You have to crawl befofre you can walk. Take dance you might not get to take it for long because of gradutation from high school but you at least did what you wanted to do! People wont make fun of you. If they do its probably because they want to bring you down because you are doing something that they call theres, well lots of people take dance and call it there own so they need to get over it. You do what you wanna do and dont worry about those othere people. Live 4 Dance, prissydancer08

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One of my daughter's friends started ballet when she was 14. She loved to dance and worked her tail off every day. People told her she started too late to ever have a career, but it didn't stop her. She is now a trainee with Ballet Magnificat. :)

Moral of the story: You may or may not have professional aspirations, but if you love to dance -- DANCE! You will have more joy pursuing what you love to do, than sitting around WISHING. :D

Good luck to you, and don't let the fear of what others might say about you stop you (in anything!). :thumbsup:

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I too started ballet at 14 and for me it was already too late to go pro. I tried it but I had to abandon my dreams of a professional career at the age of 19. (I am 21 now)

But nevertheless I love and enjoy ballet to no end. I dont know what to do without dancing. It helps me feel healthy (mentally and physically) and happy.

I will never be a pro but just being a serious recreational dancer is a lot of joy for me. :D


Go for it girl! :yes:

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Guest Dance_Like_This

Its never too late to begin!!! If you really want to do it you can! You are doing it for yourself, it does not matter what other people think! Go for it!

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