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Tonight I attended my first pointe class in over 27 years. It took four years of diligent study as a returning adult student to work up to this level, and I am proceeding with a great deal of caution due to a history of injuries sustained from another sport. Nonetheless, it was an exciting achievement and I am happy to have a place to share it.





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Guest prokofiev

Way to go! Isn't the reward worth all those releves? :green: Bottle the feeling so you can keep grinning when the blisters arrive... :grinning: Did you keep the shoes you had as a young dancer? (I did... :grinning:) I think I'm even more excited about pointe work now than when I was young and ballet-obsessed.

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Hi Avalon


May I too offer congratulations to you on acheiving such a goal :green: and well done on being so patient with getting to this point (excuse the pun!).

What sport did you use to do and what injuries did you have from it? if you don't mind sharing?



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Thanks to all of you for your congratulatory remarks. It has made the achievement even more special to have shared it here. I am deeply grateful and very humbled by all of the kind words.


Prokofiev, I did not keep my shoes as a teen. I left ballet quite discouraged and unsupported in my dance environment and did not expect to return. Then, as my daughter entered pre-professional training, and then my son as well, I realized how very much I missed the experience of dancing. What a joy it has been to return as an adult student.



Xena, I am a four time marathon finisher, with "respectable" times at best in the 26.2 mile challenge. I have suffered the gamut of minor injuries in my 30 years of running, but last year I managed to fracture my left foot. The fracture was in part related to a fairly prominant bunion on that foot, no doubt made worse by the rigors of marathon training. I also have chronic illiotibial band inflammation.


Nonetheless, with patience, persistence, and a strong faith in the body's ability to heal, I am now en pointe. Wow!

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