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Kylian, Forsythe, etc.


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I've seen a couple of Kylian ballets and a Forsythe ballet recently, and I adore them. :innocent: I mean, they're definitely quite circus, and a little attitudinal, but they're an awful lot of fun to watch (in the sort of adreneline way achieved by loud bursts of sudden techno, rather than someone's port au braus.). What would this sort of ballet be called? (Ballets in question are Petit Mort, Six Dances, and In the middle, somewhat elevated). Is this just a European thing?

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Yep, very definitely a European way of putting choreography together. Kylian and Forsythe are masters at it, and their stuff is pretty good, most of the time. People who try to imitate them, without their genius, end up making "Eurotrash"! :innocent:


(Edited to add)If I were to give it any one name, it might be "fusion". "Contemporary ballet" would cover it, too.

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Oh, thank you! I accidentally forgot where I had posted this :thumbsup: , and had been looking all over the other board for this - thank you! Just on a curious note, if I appreciate Forsythe and Kylian, are there any other choreographers I should try to see (on video, or if some work of theirs comes to Houston)? Danke!

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If you like this style, I would recommend the work of Hans van Manen, Maurice Bejart, and John Neumeier, who hews closer to the classical.

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Guest brbr-opus38

I highly recommend anything by the Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato. He danced with Kylian's Nederlands Dans Theater for a while, and in the mid 90's took over a company in his native Spain.

If you have seen "ABT Now," the male pas de trois with Vladimir Malakhov, Parrish Maynard, and Keith Richards, called "Remanso," is by Nacho Duato. There is also a dvd that you can get on Amazon titled "Three by Duato."

I think his choreography is beautiful, interesting, and almost mezmerizing. Duato definitely has choreographic genius, and produces nothing close to "Eurotrash," as Mr. Johnson put it.


I also wonder if you've heard of Dance Salad, a contemporary dance festival, which I believe is held annually in Houston. I've never seen it, but from reviews it sounds very interesting. Regular participants include the Nederlands Dans Theater-1 and its younger relative, NDT-2.

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I love them too. I think 'fusion' between contemporary and modern ballet sums the style up quite well. Or maybe it's 'postmodern ballet.' Anyway, Ballett Frankfurt's (Forsythe) 'Kammer Kammer' was the best thing I saw in 2003 - if you ever get the chance to see it you must go - it's out of this world.

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