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I'm going to do a video audition to a modern dance school soon, and I'm supposed to do a 2 minute solo. The thing is: I can't choreograph. It is absolutely impossible. I can never think of any good steps, and the result is always horrible. Since it's OK to use someone else's choreography, I'm thinking about asking one of my teachers if I can use one of the dances she's made. But I'm scared that she will say no, and then I don't know what to do. I could use it without telling her, but that doesn't feel right at all. Can you please give me any advice? I deperately need help on this one!

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Niphredil, you should not only ask your teacher if you can present her choreography, but also ask her to coach you for the video. If she doesn't feel that choreography is right for you, perhaps she will do a new one, or find a different solo for you. It would absolutely not be right to do it without her permission, and best not to do it yourself if you are not confident in your own choreography.


If you get into a modern dance program be prepared to start learning to choreograph though! They do a lot of improvisation and choreography in the modern programs. :)

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Thank you for you advice, Ms. Leigh! I will talk to my teacher as soon as possible.

And I'm very aware of the improvisation part in modern :) But I hope I will learn to do it some time! Thanks again!

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