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Guest DerfDude04

Every wednesday night for a month straight, I got to watch Merrill Ashley rehearse the principals in Pennsylvania Ballet while she was setting Ballo della Regina. This role was originated for her, and she also got up and danced parts of it and she is still AMAZING!!! Her footwork is so fast, clean, precise and fantastic.


It was soo amazing just to watch her rehearse someone. She still had a presence that filled the room, even though she wasn't dancing.


She also smiled at me once or twice while she was leaving the studio right before my class started. :o:)

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I got that chance, a year or so ago to take a class from Ms. Ashley, and I enjoyed it very much. Her technique is still perfect, and she is such a wonderfully kind and gentle person, truly wanting to help you without looking down on you at all. I learned so much from her! :):o

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I took a master class from Merrill Ashley earlier this year and really enjoyed it. She had a lot of really good things to say and made everyone feel comfortable. Her technique is still awesome!

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I saw Ms Ashley in the role of Marge in Boston Ballet's La Sylphide recently, and was utterly blown away.


Then I recently watched the Balanchine video that has Ballo on it and basically just put the thing on repeat.

My roommate finally looked up and said, "What's so wow about that?" And I said, "Watch her feet and count the music," and he did for a while and said, "Jeez, she's going really fast, it doesn't look like it."



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Marge? In La Sylphide? As in Simpson? Oh, MADGE! Nevermind. :wink:


Merrill Ashley has always had this most amazing ability to be all-work and all-play at the same time. She's infectious.

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Merrill Ashley was a guest teacher at my SI this summer and I got to take a class from her. She was amazing and I really enjoyed the class. However, I regretted not asking her for her autograph! :clover:

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