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My teacher has favourites!!!!!!!!!


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I dance 4 hours a week with my one teacher, and I work very hard. But My teacher always makes me do the easy dances with the people who are really bad. When I dance with other people she doesn't even look at me!!! She never gives me corrections and tell me anything. I am getting really upset about this. The whole class knows that she has favourites,and they learned to deal with it-but I can't! :green:

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angel_lissa: I know that thing since I have had right the same problem in my old studio. My teacher had one girl who was her absolute favorite and it was her who got all the nice parts to dance and she always was dancing in the front.

She really was not a better dancer than all of us (she was the heaviest in my class and she was really muscular but by no means a better dancer than the rest of the group- we all were quite the same level of progression) but her mother was working as a danceclothing and soft shoe fitter and secretary for my ballet mistress and that girl always danced with a BIG open smile. She was that kind of person who just smelled like success...

I really and honestly hated her. My teacher did not pay attention to me too much except on the negative things- That girl always was nr 1 and all she did was just smile. :green::grinning::grinning:


I swallowed everything down and was friendly to her since I figured war does never pay. I did not tell the issue to my teacher- maybe I should have done it - but I was a shy teenage girl of 15 back then and did not have the guts to do it.


I danced like that for years and just worked hard on my parts for myself until I changed studios recently.

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angel_lissa_91, often students can misinterpret a teacher's intentions and often teachers can not recognize the sensitivities of students. My suggestion to you is that if you are unable to discuss your concerns with the teacher then perhaps you should find a new teacher.


In order for a student to learn and develop there must be confidence and trust on the part of the student and teacher that they are able to work together. Your question seems to exhibit a lack of trust in your teacher. It is obvious that you are not comfortable in your current situation.


If you are not able to approach your teacher, perhaps your mother or father could? :D

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Guest cheeriodancer10

I know how you feel, angel_lissa. Sometimes it does seem like a teacher has a favorite and it can be so frusterating :shrug: ! Usually it just makes me try even harder to do my best and draw the teachers attention to ME. :D

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Guest GetThePointe32

(i know thist topic was a while ago but i wanted to say something)


I know how you feel, when I hwas at a summer camp there were there were a few girls that were really really good and they always got picked for everything! But everytime she said good job to one of them I wanted a good job to so i just work harder! It's kind of funny, sometimes in class, if someone sees someonelese doing a really high extention they try to make it higher and higher! But, I know how you feel!

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