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Ahhh new shoes and I can't use them


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My order from NYdancestore.com finally arrived (minus one backorder), 3 pair of pointes, and I can't try them out because of my flying attempt last night while riding! Horse went one way I went the other right into the arena wall, broke my thumb and bruised some ribs. Doh! Guess I can start considering myself one step closer toa real rider now that I've spent some time laying on the arena floor. Having these shoes arrive is like having a gift in Nov that says "do not open til xmas!" Torture!!! :D

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Now you're definitely on your way to becoming a real rider. You'll graduate when your horse slips on a muddy field and then rolls over you two or three times trying to get up. All in a McClellan saddle with all the caparisons, accoutrements, and appendages on! OOF! :D

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That is one of the reasons I quit horseback riding. The other reason was in winter I regularly came off my horse as a frozen block. (or lets say half frozen- my upper half was frozen, my lower half was steaming hot from being in touch with the horses natural body heat :shrug: )

Hope you feel better fast! :ermm::ermm::rolleyes:

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When I was working with a new pony we had once - he became my favourite - he had a tendency to bolt. I started looking for a soft patch of the Australian bush to fall on - deliberately falling off invariably stopped him! Did this a couple of times until I learnt how to stop him bolting in the first place ...



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Well thought I won't be able to sew my ribbons or eventie my shoes, I think as soon as my ribs are healed I'll head back to class. My porte bras willbe nice with this big cast! Though I wonder if I'll be able to get my tights on!

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