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Does anyone know of any ballet competitions other than YAGP that help you get noticed and maybe even find a job? I know theres IBC, but that doesn't come back to the U.S. till 2006 I think?! Let me know!

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Guest DerfDude04

You should definately talk to your teacher to see if you are ready to enter a competition. Also, your teacher would need to coach you on a variation...etc.

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That was a new one, and is somewhat similar to YAGP. It did seem to take place at a bad time, though, as it was in conflict with most SI programs I think. I can't remember the name of it either, but there are posts about it somewhere....

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I know that one! One of my teachers from NCSA, Mr.Han, was the competition director I think. I'm gonna search it up. I'll let ya know what I find.

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I went to the AMC website to check it out and now I have a question about the selected reperoire.


FEMALE SENIOR (Ages 13-15) &



COPPELIA (Swanhilda's Variation -Act III)

DIANA AND ACTEON (Female Variation 'Pas de Deux)

ESMERALDA (Female Variation - Pas de Deux)

GISELLE (Giselle's Variation- Act I)

LA FILLE MAL GARDEE (Female Variation 'Pas de Deux)

ODALISQUE (Le Corsaire - #3 variation )

SLEEPING BEAUTY (Aurora’s Variation - Act III)


When is says the variation and then pas de deux right after it (ex. Esmeralda), does that mean you have to do the pas or can you just do the variation?

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I think it means the variation from the grand Pas de Deux. Not sure, but YAGP lists things that way too, so I guess that is what it means.

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