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Guest lobbylud

1. How do you pirouhette on your back (as in lying on floor, curled up with hands around legs)? And how do they do several revolotions at a time?

2. Come to think of it how do you do several (as in 6 or more) revolutions of a standing (regular) pirouhette (I can only manage one or two at the most).

You'll probably say hard work and practice, but I'm hoping there's also a trick or two somewhere.


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1) In ballet, we don't usually do that. That's break-dancing.


2) Yes, there is a trick. Don't lose your balance.

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Guest annie

If you'll notice in videos of professionals doing multiple-multiple pirouettes, (mainly the men) you can draw a line right down the middle of their bodies from their head, through the torso, pelvis, knee, ankle and ball of supporting foot. There isn't any wobbling or movement. (the dictionary at www.abt.org shows this wonderfully) This is what you need to strive for in order to pull this off - gracefully.


You can DO six, but with lots of hopping and stuff that makes them look terrible :-)


I can do three! On a good day they look pretty nice....

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