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straight back to pointe?


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OK, I am about to return to ballet (I had to stop from May til now because of school, my parents felt I should concentrate on my studies, fair enough.) however, I had only been on pointe from the previous November, I think...so maybe 6ish months of 1 one hour pointe class a week with 10 mins at the end of 2 or 3 other technique classes. I was wondering, if I should just do the class on demipointe just to get back into it (I've been going to the gym but its certainlynot ballet) for the first few weeks because I really was a beginner.


Any burning inclination to one or the other?


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Although this is a relatively brief time off, I do believe that you are wise to approach the return with a degree of caution. Yes, do start back to pointe gradually. What you proprose seems reasonable.

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