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What color ballet shoes do you wear?

Guest dancerboy11

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White, goldurnit! White. I don't care whether they're leather or canvas or whatever, but white.

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I agree with Mel whole heartedly; white shoes are the way to go... but also white socks are just as important. some people might ask why... Consider that they will help not only to strengthen your feet a little as it is harder to articulate with socks on. But they also help to define the foot and ankle as a part of the body separate of the legs.


best of wishes

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Guest dancerboy11

Why is white "the only way to go"??? Ive been to professional company rehersals and everyone is wering white. Even if they don't wear white tights. Why are they the best choice??? Im confused. :):thumbsup::D

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(Fluffs whiskers, puts on hat, sticks bottle on top of hat, starts to dance) "Traditiooooooon...Tradition!" :)

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Guest dancerboy11
(Fluffs whiskers, puts on hat, sticks bottle on top of hat, starts to dance) "Traditiooooooon...Tradition!"  :)


Okay I have a pair of shoes that another guy at my studio gave me cause they were to small for him. But they are still to big for me. I don't wear any tights in ballet and I dont know still why I should wear ballet shoes. I mean what's wrong with black??????

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Nothing's WRONG with black, it's just that white shoes are one of the few distinctive prerogatives in ballet which belong to men. Black is unisex, and while there's nothing exactly wrong with black, it is easier to see how the foot works with a very light-colored shoe, pink is taken, and would YOU let your brother date a girl who wore black ballet shoes?

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I think most teachers prefer white for the simple reason that one can see the articulation of the foot much better. 10 years ago I was supposed to wear even white leotard for my pre-professional classes. Finally it comes down to the studio where you take classes. If everybody is in black you would probably feel quite odd in white (or the other way round) :)

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( "Traditiooooooon...Tradition!"  :)



Mel, do you have any reference to white socks in the context of tradition? A quote + book reference would be extremely helpful as I couldnt find any :thumbsup:

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i am the only guy at my studio with white shoes and personally i think they look a lot better no offence to those with black, just a personal preference i think...PEACE

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A reference to costume still in use. Breeches and stockings - see especially "Flower Festival at Genzano" pas de deux. White socks are the vestigial remains of "opera hose" that extended clear to mid-thigh, were held in place with garters, and kept flat by tight-fitting breeches. Men wore them in order that people might see, and, it was hoped, admire their shapely legs. Some men were especially vain about their legs, even among non-dancers. Alexander Hamilton, in a daring fashion statement, used to wear red stockings so that people would look at his calf muscles and well-turned ankles!

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This is interesting... I have always worn black shoes because that

was what was given to me by Jen or Janet or Jenni or Jerri or Jacki or

whomever it was that ran the very first dance apparel store that I visited.

I walked in, trying very hard to look like I actually BELONGED there

among the oh-so-pink satin/spandex crowd and I said something like:

"Um.. er.. Fix me up with some'a them ballet duds, m'am."

And that's what she handed me. So, now I understand that perhaps

"unisex" black was all that they had...


Then, I got started wearing those footed tights, and I liked the look of

solid black from the toes upward.


But I noticed many guys with white shoes, and I'll confess that I AM

tempted to try 'em. I would like to get more corrections on my feet,

for sure. And I like what y'all are saying about it being easier

to see yer foot... And far be it for me to buck TRADITION and all.


But my black shoes hide dirt SOOO much better than white ones, and

I am able to wear the same pair for eons, and the same pair may in fact

actually be buried with me one day... :)

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