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Pointe for Guys????

Guest dancerboy11

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Guest dancerboy11

I am 13 and I want to get more serious about ballet. Should I take pointe to strengthen my self? Where do you find male pointe shoes? Do any other guys do pointe?




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While there are some teachers who might encourage males to do some pointe work at some time in their life, I think you are a bit young to be thinking of it now. It would be up to your teacher, but personally, I do not put male students on pointe.


Editing to say that I answered this in the Pointe Shoe Forum, but now moving the post to the Men's Forum.

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Thank you, Ms. Leigh.


Frankly, every boy I've ever met who dances has at one time worked or experimented with pointe. It's not necessary as a study, but can help some guys with foot flexibility and strength issues. Since I can't see you, there's very little I can do about advising you in this direction, but leave the matter up to your home teacher.

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Guest Aliebling

I'm a 31 year old male (ex-semi professional dancer) and practice regularly en pointe (2x/week - once technique and once variations). I do it less to strengthen my feet (since there are other ways to do that) than simply because it is *fun*. It is very different from the kind of dancing men usually do and I really enjoy the dynamic of it. Besides, thereäs nothihng quite as cool as being able to do fouette turns en pointe!


At 13 I definitely think you are a bit young for it. I actually only started in the last few years. If you are serious about dancing, right now is the time for you to be working on technique (and of course strength, but the main thing is technique!). Your body has a lot of growing to do and there's no reason to rush that.


Keep point in mind for your future, but you haven't even begun to scratch what the world of male dancing has to offer...I recommend exploring that a bit more deeply first.


Good luck and have fun dancing!



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Guest DerfDude04

One of my teachers highly deproved of my suggestion of me dancing on pointe, and one thought it was the best thing for me. I found a girl at my studio with large enough feet, and I put on her shoes and did a couple plie releves... too bad I didn't ask her then if I could keep her dead shoes! (And jetglue them!)

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Guest Pointeman1

Most of the major pointe shoe manufacturers today make pointe shoes in men's sizes. I would suggest you check out Sansha first as they make pointe shoes in stardard sizes up to, I believe, a 15-XW. Also Schantner, Pauls & Sons, Repetto, Grishko's, Bloch should all be able to accommodate your masculine needs for pointe shoes. Eventually all the pointe shoemakers will make them in men's sizes.


Good Luck with doing pointework.

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I also do pointe, but I am almost 19. I don't know how big you are, but being 13, you can't be that big. When I was looking for my shoes, I couldn't find any black ones, so I just got out the sharpie and started coloring (I wouldn't tell anyone to do that; I gave me the worst headache).

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*knock knock* The Freed Gents is not on the website. It is only made by one maker in all of the Freed of london factory. You will need to contact Freed of London directly to get more information about the shoes.

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If you call the shop, ask for Michelle Attfield (sp). She will give you all the information about Freed Gents

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