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My first real Champagne moment!


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Today we had our intermediate class on Friday instead of Thursday and our teacher had invited all of the Tues/Wed people to come to it as a make-up. I was the only one to show up. I offered to come in Dec. to a makeup rather than take class by myself but she said we could just do a barre, since we were both there.


We did a regular barre and then some pointe exercises and it took only about 1/2 hour. (Amazing how fast things go when there is only one person to correct and explain to.) She then showed me how to do bourrees holding the barre. After doing that a few times she asked me to come center. :speechless:


Now in my pointe shoes I greatly enjoy holding on to the barre so I was very nervous. But in center I did right/left bourree. Then Pique, pique turn (which is easier than just pique across), and chaines. :hyper: She then had me practice the preparation for pirouttes and do a tombe pad de bouree glissade pad de chat combination to get used to dancing in the shoes, not just being on pointe.


I am so excited! :lol: I let go of the barre. I did turns! I didn't topple over.


Then when I was coming out she told Miss Angela (studio owner) that I had done center work and Miss Angela told me to come take beginner pointe which was just starting. It was about 20 minutes, echappes at the barre and then chasse step hop (I couldn't do the hop :green: ) Chaines and Piques. And I think I did a pretty good job of keeping up with the beginners! Miss Angela told me to work on the hop and I said I would and I was just excited to have started center work tonight and she seemed suprised that it was my first night. And the girls in the class were real sweet and suprised that I was just starting pointe because they knew I was the maid in Nutcracker so I guess they thought adults don't just start pointe :blushing:




:yucky: This has nothing to do with ballet but deserves champagne all the same. I finished all the requirements for my Bachelors today so now I just get to sit pretty until graduation and hope I can walk across the stage without falling!

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Sounds like a definite champagne day, skittl! :) Congratulations! :thumbsup:

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Much congratulations on both occasions. If you can do turns on pointe, I am sure walking across the stage will be no problem at all! :)

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Guest prokofiev

Congratulations, Skittl!


That's terrific! Yea for you! Isn't it fun when you're it? I've had several classes with just two of us there, and those are always the most productive for me (although there's not as much recovery time between combinations!) :shhh:


And happy maid-ing... I'm a maid, too, and more excited about it than most of the Snowflakes and the Flowers...


Cheers to you (clink, clink!)



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