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Unsymmetric turnout

Guest meira67

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Guest meira67

While practising at home, I noticed again a thing that bothered me in my dancing class. My turnout is quite unsymmetric and unbalanced. My left foot is doing ok, but my right side isn't just co-operating. eek.gif


Is this the normal state of things for a beginner or should I try something to develop my right foot?


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Minna, it is not unusual at all! Our bodies are not symmetrical, and almost everyone, not just beginners, has better rotation on one side. Usually extension will also be slightly better on one side, as well as pirouettes. I do hope you are working on your turn out from your hips, though, and not thinking of your feet! The whole leg must rotate, from the hip, not from the feet!

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Guest Colleen

I have the same problem but it's actually caused by the structure of my body. My right hip is higher than my left and a bit deeper in the hip socket. So what works on one side doesn't work as well on the other and I've had to learn to treat my body like two halves. Kind of annoying, but nobody's perfect smile.gif

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