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HOW TO: Use Search & Quick Search!


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How to do a search:

How to do a search:

1. Click Search in the upper right hand corner of the top bar.

2. At the Search screen, click More Options.

3. You can narrow your search using one or more of the following



Search by Keyword:*

This takes practice but is really “key”!

apple banana: Find posts that contain at least one of these words

+apple +juice: Find posts with both words

+apple -juice: Find posts with 'apple' but not 'juice'

apple*: Find posts with 'apple' and/or 'applesauce'

"Some Words": Find posts with the phrase 'some words of wisdom', 'some words' but not 'some noise word.


Filter By Member Name:

If you want to see only those posts for a specific member relating to

the keyword(s) entered, type the user name in the Filter By Member

Name field. If you want to see all posts from everyone who has

"tutu" in their user name, then you can put that in this field. If you

want to see only those posts by a specific user, type the user name and click the Match Exact Name box.


If you don't know the exact spelling of a user name, click Members

on the top bar of the forum page to see a list of everyone who has

registered on Ballet Talk! You can search alphabetically. (I find this does not always work perfectly.)


Search Where:*

Use this filter to select one or more forums you would like to include

in the search. The default is All Forums. You can select more than one

by holding the CTRL key, on your PC, down while clicking on each desired forum.


If you choose a main forum group (such as Special Groups) you

can perform the search in all the forums that fall under the larger

group (Moms and Dads, SI Feedback Survey, etc.) by clicking the

Search in child forums if sub category is chosen? box which is the default.


Search Post From:*

Use this filter to set the time period you want to search. Select the

time period from the drop down box. Then, select Newer or

Older than the period you select. Be very careful to choose these options carefully so you can save yourself a great deal of time!


Sort Results By:

Determines how the results are organized on the screen.

Select how the results will be sorted from the drop down box and then

choose what method: by Last posting Date, by Number of Replies, Poster Name, Forum Name and click either Ascending or Descending.


Search Where:*

Allows you to search in the title of the threads only or

anywhere within the thread where the selected keyword(s) appear.


Result Type:*

Use this filter to group like results under one topic or to group like

results under one post.


After selecting all of the search criteria, click Perform


The results of your search display in a new window. Click on the

desired post to review the contents.


Searching is often quite easy. I have *starred the actions that I find the most helpful, but everyone will have their own “favorite” way to look for things. Sometimes, however, it takes a bit of

time and effort to refine one's methods. You may well have to try several different "keywords" - but if you take the time, you'll be astounded by what you'll be able to find!



Happy hunting! :thumbsup:


~ balletbooster and BW

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Quick Search: News flash: A very helpful way to view each forum is to scroll down to the lowest light blue rectangle (the one with all the mini folder icons in it) and choose to view by Topic Title then choose the A-Z option as well...next click on "Go". By doing this you will be able to view all the topics alphabetically! :shrug:This is a great way to see if someone else has asked the same or a similar question - in which case you can read through the existing threads and choose to add your own questions or comments right there. :wink:


So many of the members here have gone down the same or similar ballet paths, and there's so much good information here - dating back to 2000 in some cases. It's amazing how history repeats itself.


New topics/threads are always welcome but if one already exists, why not add to it? :blink:

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