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HOW TO--- Create a Hyperlink: link to a post

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How to create a hyperlink: when you hit the reply button you will come to a page that offers you the place to type your message - that big, blank, white rectangle. Directly above this are some little buttons B for Bold..then an "http://" button.


In order to create a hyperlink, you would first need to have copied the URL (the website's address that you'll find in your browser's little window...for example on Internet Explorer there is a slot that says Address (just beneath the buttons on your tool bar for Back, Forward, Stop... So you have to highlight and copy the URL of the page for say, The Washington Post, then when you come to this reply page hit the "http://" button and paste in the URL of your choice but be sure to delete the http:// that already exists in this little window before you paste in the complete copied URL or you'll have a problem with two http's... next you'll be given a little window to type in the title you want to use for this hyperlink. :thumbsup:


P.S. You can then "preview" your post and actually try out the hyperlink just to make sure it works. :) Sometimes what you've copied doesn't always quite make it and you have to try, try again. Believe me, I know :mondieu: - though, most of the time it works just fine.



P.S.S. If you are linking to a newspaper article, etc., please read this sticky on the About this Site forum: Copywright Infringement

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