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Laurent, are you still around? How are you getting on with your year of ballet? And coping without a job! I just handed my notice in at work today you see... I'm wondering how long to leave it before I get a new job (trial period of unemployment!) Do you find you actually do ballet with the spare time released by not having to work, or are there a million other things that get in the way (laundry, DIY etc!)

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The details are on ENB's website




You can email them for information education@ballet.org.uk or ring 0207 581 1245


It's an adult ballet course run by the education department at ENB in Kensington (in the company's studios, not the schools').


I'm not doing the full course this term because my ballet school has a show coming up and I have rehearsals on the same day (Thursday) so i'm only going for the last part. frown.gif


I absolutely love it there, getting changed in the dancers dressing rooms and dancing in their studios... and the teachers are great, they give you helpful corrections and really inspiring enchainements.


They have 3 levels now, beginner, higher and advanced I think. Higher was the one I went to last term, it was estimated to be about RAD grade 5. I'm in grade 6 and found it quite challenging, but not so I felt I couldn't do anything, it just made me think more than usual (i'm not used to free work, only syllabus).


If you want to know anything more, please say, but they are very nice and helpful at ENB so try and give them a call. smile.gif


Where do you dance? I'm always looking for recommendations!


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