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Pancake for pointe shoes


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DD ordered a pair of pointe shoes on line and the color is more yellow than pink. She will use these for an upcoming performance but the color doesn't match the other dancers. It was suggested that the girls pancake their pointe shoes so they all look the same. When dd was at Joffrey, they pancaked their shoes with a Max Factor product but she can't remember what kind or color. All the dancers shoes looked fantastic. Does anyone know what would be best, or what type of Max Factor product is recommended?

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The brand doesn't matter so much. Just look for any Ivory colored product that has a pink undertone. Max factor makes a nice pancake makeup for that purpose, and there are a variety of other brands as well.

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My DD's company has all members use Calamine Lotion (any brand) on their pointe shoes before a performance to get a nice uniform look. Drys quickly to a gentle pink.

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Knock, knock.


In the Pointe Book (which I just bought the 2nd edition of, which is how I know) they specifically mention Max Factor Natural Light #1; not to say that's what was used at the Joffrey.

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Dd has used Max Factor #101 Natural for pancaking her shoes. She uses a damp makeup sponge to apply the makeup. Just don't use to much water or you can soften the shoes! We also pancake the shoes the day before she is going to wear them.

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Our dancers also use Calamine lotion. DD's tip: do it in light layers and let dry in-between---otherwise, it will leave little pink flakes as you dance!

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Knock knock:


Calamine lotion is fantastic for pancaking. However, speaking as a word from the wise (you become wise by doing foolish acts) let me warn you: do not under ANY circumstances pancake your shoes with calamine WHILE you're in the middle of shellacing them! I did this, and killed. ... oh, about three pointe shoes that I needed THAT DAY, and the day after, and the day after. :(

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Don't forget that when you pancake shoes, or calamine them, all you're doing is putting clay of one sort or another on them. You can even dab on diatomaceous earth from your swimming pool filter and get a similar result!

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