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Leaving College for Company Contract


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First of all, wonderful new forum! So the question I have is, is it a good idea to go to college for a year or two and then quit to join a company(or audition whenever you can, and quit college when you get accepted somewhere) or to finish out college training and then look for work?

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For every student, this will be an individual question. Ask your instructors if you should "go for it". They can see you, we can't.

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If you get a contract with a company, and that is what you want to do, then do it. College will be there, the contract might not be.

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I agree with Ms Leigh, I sincerely doubt that any AD is going to look at you and say "I would love to have her in my company, but I am not going to offer her a contract because she is a sophmore". If they want you, they will take you, I can guarantee that your school will still be ther. When you finish school, well, no guarantees that they will want you.

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