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Laundry record?


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How's this for odd: I hang out tights and dance belts for my son, and I hang hockey gear for me?? :shhh: We've got to have some kind of record for non-traditional gender roles in one family!

But 17 leotards, wow! Makes me want to buy stock in a dancewear company!!!

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Not a mom, but I am certified leotard junkie (and the Capezio grab bag has only fed my habit...)


I didn't count, but I probably hung out about that many yesterday...and my leotard drawer is (still) rather far from empty...

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I just want to go on the record as being against such widespread usage

of leotards. Don't you realize that the leotard is being hunted nearly to

the brink of extinction? Poachers are mercilessly attacking not just adult

leotards (for larger sized dancers) but also are harming baby leotards,

all for the sake of children in gymnastics and ballet classes around the

world. When will they realize that the leotard, the unitard, and now even the

African Spandex are protected species? And unless we do something now

the beautiful wild lycra will be next. Please Treefrog, talk to your family

about this, and see if they can do their part to protect our wildlife.


Thank you... This public service announcement is brought to you by

the Society for the Protection Of Indigenous Leotards and the

Society for the Preservation Of Rare Theaterwear

(SPOIL/SPORT) I'm accepting major credit card donations. Thanks for

your support.



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back to treefrog's post...i have like..20 leotarde..and 5 unitards..the only reason i have so many though is because that is what my parents get me for Christmas..and my Birthday..they dont like to put alot of effort into my gifts....

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oh...and by the way i have like....15 pairs of point shoes....lol.....is that alot?

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OK, what was it about this week? I hung up a record # this morning. I did not count, but it was more than I have ever hung. No extra classes or rehearsals this week? AH, maybe the ballet bag got cleaned out. It's a bit like Mary Poppins' bag - more and more leos keep coming out.....nevermind the pointe shoes....




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Went to run the vacum last night. Went to move the DD dance bag. She complained about the heavy school back pack a few years back :shrug:

Zipped open to see were there any school books in there or what.

5, yes 5 pair of pointe shoes inside and laying beside were 6 pair of pointe shoes in various stages of "yes I still am using them" She rotates them. "Certain pair for different days, classes etc."

She said she may use 2-3 pair a night.

PLUS a NEW pair that were just sew that Pm.


Ching ching $$$$ 12 Pair = 700 + and that is getting them at a discount.


Could this be why I am still wearing the same clothes since she is age 4 ?? :(


Not only are our dancers smart to learn where they need to be and when on stage but how she keeps them all straight I'll never know.



I do not think she has 12 leotards. Maybe less. Must be a shoe thing !!

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DPR, I'm certain these were farmed leotards, not taken from the wild. On closer identification, one was indeed a unitard -- slightly less endangered, I believe. Anyway, let's not forget that the chief danger is not poaching, but habitat degradation and destruction. Responsible bioparks can help educate the public about these vanishing treasures, but I'm afraid that most captive leotards are held in substandard conditions, such as the dance bag mentioned above. I have personally witnessed some horribly musty, smelly environments! Leotards held under such conditions can develop so-called cage neuroses; for example, they are observed to huddle persistently in dark corners and to hide under the desks, chairs and beds provided as "habitat enhancements". On occasion they do not emerge for weeks!


(Thanks, DPR!!! Interestingly enough, my hubby just returned from S. Africa, where he actually saw two leotard -- I mean, leopard -- cubs playing ... )


Yes, they were in one machine-washed load of "dark delicates", along with hubby's running clothes.


Scoop, the DDs wore leos #18 and 19. Younger DD swears she needs more leos.


Dancetaxi -- I used to play hockey too!

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Koshka creeps and reports that the clothesline count was...20.


I do make a point of having enough exercise clothes (bike and dance) to get me through a couple of weeks, so that I can do a decent machine load of dark delicates (dark Woolite is my friend!) _and_, with luck, catch a day when it's possible to hang them outdoors for drying.

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Thanks, Treefrog, for setting my worries to rest... And, yes, I have found

even some of my very own leotards living under horrible circumstances.

Under the seat of my car, or down at the very dark bottom of my gym bag

where unknown lifeforms are continually evolving... It's a sad thing, really.


I don't yet have enough dance/gym clothes to make a whole load,

but one day it will happen (online shopping here I come...)


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We set a personal Goodwill record this month with dd having a growth spurt. It must have been 15 leos donated. Of course you know the consequence of this - buying all new leos.

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The saddest thing about the leos found hiding under desks, etc. is when they are attacked by the abandoned hairnets and bobby pins. It's frightening to find such a wad. Especially because the hairnet/bobby pin combo looks like a poisonous spider, and the leo always appears dead.


Alas, upon unweaving the tangled mess, leos, hairnets and bobby pins can all be saved. Such rescue operations must be performed regularly to avoid another trip to Wal-greens for supplies.



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