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Auditions: Mentoring??


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Searching for any and all thoughts, experiences you may have had in having/finding someone who can offer "mentoring" services for DK's during their Career / Audition search. If a DK's is not part of a "school" program how do they secure this help and continue with training while auditioning?

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One would like to hope that a former teacher with whom the student had established a relationship would be a possibility, however if too much time has passed since the teacher has seen the dancer in question...I can see how it would be difficult.


I know there was a post somewhere on the board recently that had a link in it about a former dancer, now teacher who appeared to offer "mentoring" of some sort... I have no personal knowledge of this particular person, but let me see if I can put my finger on it for you.


Here is the thread in which Richard Rein is mentioned as having set up the dance program at St. Paul's - you'll find his website noted within the post. I happened to take a look at it and I do believe he may act as a consultant for aspiring dancers.


I imagine some wiser and more experienced heads than mine will respond to your understandable query in the not too distant future and give you some good input. :D

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Sorry to bring this thread back to life so to speak, moderators delete if inappropriate...


Does anyone on BA have information on Mr. Rein's consulting program? I have emailed him , but no response so far.


Have any of you "hired" mentors to facilitate the audition process?

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I really think that a student needs to work with a teacher who is working with them NOW. At least in terms of advice, and maybe even coaching.

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