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ballet birthday!

Guest beckster

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Guest beckster

Well just over one year ago I registered with this board in the hope of getting some advice about ballet lessons in my area. One year later and I am happily keeping up (most of the time) with an RAD grade 6 class and I can't believe how much I have improved! I'm definitely still loving it - well its a pain in the neck to actually get to class now I've moved house but I still make the effort every week, which says something. I'm so grateful for all the help I've had from this board (specially from Xena, as I would probably have given up on the idea if it wasn't for her)! I doubt I will ever be good enough to take any exams, but I don't mind. I just want to keep doing ballet and keep learning and improving. One year down and many more to come, I hope!

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"Happy Birthday" Beckster :) We're happy that you found us and that the board has been helpful to you, especially in encouraging you to get to those classes!

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Happy Birthday indeed, Bex! I think I took my first class within a week or so of yours too, but regretably it's over six months since I last went... Glad one of us is keeping it up, though! Now if I only had a moment to myself...

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Just a quick note to say thanks, Bex - your post reminded me how much I was loving ballet all those months ago, and gave me a bit of a kick up the behind! Getting to class is still really difficult with my somewhat ridiculous work schedule, but I've at least been making the effort to do barre every day. It's gutting how much flexibility and balance I've lost since I was taking classes regularly, but it's coming back to me faster than I expected. Here's hoping that I can start class again soon!

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