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Couple of things....

Guest thumpinhippo

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Guest thumpinhippo

Just a couple of things...I've got this problem with my foot where the gap between my big toe and that bulgey bit of the foot is a bit too short so there is excess stress on my second metatarsal (2nd and longest toe) so the bone in hte bulgey bit that joins to the toe is "failing". I was told that this is actually exclusive to ballet dancers or dancers in general (I don't remember which) but that among them, it is rather common. Has anyone else had this experience? Short off not dancing (wiht impending performacne) what could one do to relieve hte pain?


Secondly, at the doctors, he also told me that although my turn out is very good on my left leg, it is quite a lot tighter on the right. How did i get this unbalanced??? I guess that's something i have to answer for myself but what can i do to increase turn out on the one side? :D

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thumpinhippo, I can't help you with the foot problem as I'm not familiar with that at all, however, in terms of the rotation, everyone is unbalanced. We all, or at least almost all, have a better side for everything, whether it is rotation, flexibility, better foot, stronger, whatever. The only answer for improving that is to work harder on the weaker side. Do your rotation work for both legs, and then add more for the weaker one. :)

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