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foot strength


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How can you tell if your foot is strong or not?

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I moved this post to YD, as it is not a question about shoes, it is about foot strength for technique. If this is not the right YD forum, please let me know.


One would assume that feet are strong if one is even placed on pointe. At least they should be. The strength should increase over a few years on pointe and if you can do a series of one foot relevés without the barre, have reasonable balance on pointe and good control rolling through the foot coming off pointe, those would be good indications of foot strength.

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I think some people are born with more natural strength than others, however how that strength develops depends a lot on what they do or don't do in terms of physical activity. Some people are born with high arches and insteps, or good rotation, or lots of flexibility, and some are not. It's the same with strength. But strength can be developed more easily than some of those other things :)

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