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Where to find big fake eyelashes


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After reading the thread about "removable cheeks" (who knew that such a subject could have such a long life!), I thought that you all may be a good resource for another specific need for the ballerina doll part. My daughter was told that she needs to wear fake eyelashes that are very long and thick. I have checked at a couple drug stores and they just have the ordinary fake eyelashes. This Tuesday is her day to have her picture taken for the ballerina doll part, and I am in a scramble to find bigger, longer, thicker eyelashes. Any suggestions?

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If you had more time you can order eyelashes online in various lengths and styles. It is a common eyelash brand! Sorry I can't remember the name but we are out of town and all of dd's fake eyelashes are at home!


Have you tried a costume shop? They might have what you are looking for. Also call last years ballerina dolls mom and ask her where they got them last year. She just might have an extra unused pair hanging around... you never know!


This extra long eyelashes might need to be added to the costume directors list for next year.


It wouldn't be Nut if you weren't scrambling around at the last minute trying to find or make something! Good luck!

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MAC carries the really big, thick lashes. My daughter has to wear 2 pair on the top and one on the bottom for the Las Vegas show she is in.

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I found some of the long, thick (think gaudy) fake eyelashes this afternoon at Sally's Beauty Supply, which is an international chain. Luckily, the closest one was less than a five minute drive. They also have a website, Sally's Beauty Supply, but I don't believe they take orders online.

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Often, you can find the huge, comical eyelashes in joke/novelty stores or catalogues.

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