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Sore feet

Guest GetThePointe32

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Guest GetThePointe32

Im pretty sure its normal but i wanted to make sure. In the begining of class, whenever I go onto demi pointe the ###### of my feet hurt. I was thinking its probably just because I havnt streached them out and stuff, but i wanted to be sure.. (It usually only lasts for a little while)


Thanks for any advice anybody has! :pinch:

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That sounds like just plain cold to me. If it goes away, then you're fine. Start warming up before you get into the classroom.

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Guest 1SongGlory

I've had the same problem going for a little while. Pain in your feet could also be linked to the street shoes you wear. I had to learn lay off of the heels for a while, and that helped pain in the ###### of my feet and various other little issues I'd been having.

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