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Theater robe? Is it a special style?


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No, balletmartyr, no special style, length, or anything else! There are as many different styles and types as there are robes. Many seem to like the sort of oriental ones, which are light weight, pack easily, and go over anything else you are wearing. They are generally the kind that just close with a tie thingy around the waist.

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Theater robes can mean everything from an elegant silk haori to Uncle Irving's old terrycloth bathrobe, complete with cigar still in pocket. Among Broadway dancers, there's a tradition of the "Gypsy Robe", which has been making the rounds for decades, and is given from dancer to dancer in a sort of primogeniture - the robe is given to the ol...wait a minute, that's not nice...MOST EXPERIENCED (yeah, that's it) dancer in any Broadway show at the moment. It is, to say the least, best used as a sort of trophy, hung rather than worn! I think the cigar in the pocket may still be lit!

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Thanks! I always need reassurance. Obviously my dd heard that from someone and said, "Aha! I need a theater robe!"

I enjoyed the anecdote. :yucky:

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