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Just the thought of it being time for arabesque shots made my heart race and brow sweat. Last year was memorable and torturous. I decided I'm practicing on husband, son, anybody before I attempt any picture with dd.

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Just to add perspective, I don't think I've ever taken an 'acceptable' arabesque shot in less than 100 shots. I wish I was joking, but I'm not!


The funny (ha ha) part is that almost always the one my daughter and her teacher ultimately choose is from the first roll of film and usually one of the first ones I took. :hyper:


My daughter starts getting testy when I just mention that it is audition photo time. :blink: She sees visions of doing arabesques 30 or more times per sitting and remembering how I am always clicking too late or too early the one time she does what she believes to be the 'perfect' arabesque.


My favorite memory is when both my daughter AND her teacher looked at me and said, "Did you get that one? It was so good." It wasn't pretty seeing their looks when I sheepishly told them I wasn't ready and had missed it... :hyper:


Ah, these are the memories that we will all laugh about someday, right???? B)

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