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Beginner's problems with pointe.

Guest Ren

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Hiya, I'm new here.


Anyway, I very recently just signed up for a private ballet/pointe class (my first class is Friday), and today I went to a dancewear supply store and bought a pair of pointe shoes for it. I had a very difficult time finding a shoe that fit right because I have an extremely high arch...we settled for a Bloch Serenade II/Serene V, and although the shank did not line up perfectly with my foot, it was the closest we got.


The problem is, it hurt to stand en pointe for any length of time longer than maybe 2 or 3 minutes. Is this normal and I'll be able to build up the strength to endure/not feel the pain, or does it mean I'm not going to be able to do pointe? I'm 18 and female, though not as slender sylph-like as a lot of the girls in her other pointe classes are.


Thanks very much!



Edit: Also, I'm not sure if this applies to this board or the Pointe Shoe board, but I guessed here because it has to do with the actual style of dancing, not the shoe. I'm very, very, very sorry if I put it in the wrong place.

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Hello Ren, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :) And yes, your question is in the right place!


As to pointe shoes, I would like to ask about your training first. Your profile says beginning student. Beginning students do not do pointe work. Have you had several years of technique training, at least 3 times a week in classes of an hour and a half? Has your teacher told you to get pointe shoes? Some pain in pointe shoes is to be expected when you first start, even with the proper training, but if you are a complete beginner in ballet I would imagine it would be quite severe! :wacko: And a beginner would not be standing on pointe for 2 or 3 minutes at a time!

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My teacher did indeed say I'd be doing some pointe work, so to get some shoes. I've never done it before, although I've wanted to since I was 12 (I was forced to take Jazz instead, which I loathed.).


I stood at the barre in the store for a few minutes at a time while the sales lady helped check the fit and tried to work with the shank, which as I mentioned, did not fit the line of my foot. And yes, it hurt pretty badly after a few minutes!


I'm just relieved to know that's normal, and that I CAN try to get into pointe work.


Thank you!

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Ren, I'm sorry, but that is not quite what I said. My first concern is that you have no ballet training, and one simply does NOT start pointe work without a LOT of ballet training!

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I know. I meant eventually I can get into pointe work, and that my teacher is going to eventually (after training) try to start pointe...


How much ballet training do you mean, though?

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Ren, as I said in my first response, one needs at least 3 years of training, and the last year before pointe should be at least 3 technique classes a week, an hour and a half each. And, we cannot say when or if you can do pointe, since we can't see you! There is a Sticky on the Pointe Shoe Forum, and also on Young Dancers, called "Facts of Life About Pointe Work". Might be a good idea to check that out. :)

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