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Guest cecile77

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Guest cecile77

The ballet class I'm taking meets only once a week. I know that I need more practice than that to improve myself. Are ballet videos helpful or are they a waste of time? Noone will be there to correct my posture, etc and I would hate to think I'm doing something right when it's completely wrong.

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Hi Cecile, and welcome to the Adult Ballet Students' Forum at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online.


At your stage of the game, you certainly do need more work in order to improve, but you've also hit the nail on the head about the drawbacks of ballet videos - no outside eye! Is there a way to shoehorn in a second class there somewhere? Then after awhile, you'll know where everything is supposed to go, and the videos can be of more use than they would be to you now.

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Guest amdewitt

Hi Cecile77 and Mr. Johnson,


I agree that there is absolutely no substitute for ballet class. However, I've been using a few videos/dvds that are of the beginning ballet and basic workout variety. It provides me with the extra practice that I need, and I use class to get the moves right. I've also told my instructors which ones that I was considering, and got their approval. I don't know if I'd feel comfortable using a video that goes beyond what I've learned in class, but as long as you ask your instructor questions and apply the correct form that you learn in class when you use your videos, it should be okay. Of course, I'm no expert, just making suggestions and letting you know what has been working for me. Which videos are you using right now?

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