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Confidence Level & Improvement?

Guest futuredancer

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Guest futuredancer

I recently asked my dance teacher what I can do to improve my technique. The only real issue she had with the rate at which I'm improving is that she doesn't believe that I am confident enough in myself, which is preventing me from advancing. These things range from looking down when I dance to standing in the back of the class or going in a latter group, even if I know that I can do the combination successfully. I also always seem to size myself up to other dancers in my class who have more technique, instead of comparing myself to my own personal best. Does anyone else here deal with this so strongly that it is preventing them from advancing? And if so, what did you do to overcome it? Thanks in advance.

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Futuredancer, I think you have answered your own question. :devil: When you realize what the problem is, and you realize that it is something that can be overcome, then you can overcome it. It's mind over matter, and just making a list of the things you do that hold you back, and making those things a priority in terms of correcting them. I know that sounds simple, and it isn't at all. However, it is possible. Who is in control? YOU have to be in charge of what you do and how you act and how you react.


PUT yourself in the first group, PUT yourself in front, and KEEP your focus on yourself and your work, not on others. Comparisons are never a very good thing to do. You must work for yourself, not for others. If this is what you want to do with your life, then do it. Go for it. Attack it. Focus on it. If you hold back, it won't happen. If you don't believe you can do it, then no one else will either. Most teachers work best with those who put themselves up there in front and work harder than anyone else, whether they are the most talented or not.


It's up to you to do that. You are holding yourself back. No one else is doing that to you. Sometimes there are teachers who will work hard to help you find your own confidence, but you have to work just as hard or it can't be done. Think of it this way....believing in yourself is not nearly as hard as getting rotation, flexibility, feet, musicality, coordination, great jumps, wonderful turns, etc., etc., etc. :D

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Guest probablydancin

I used to have to same problem! I worked really hard with myself just thinking; I am a beautiful dancer, and I can do it! (i know its cheezy!) but now I know the combonations perfectally and look up as I'm doing them, and race to the front with any center floor combonation. It feels so good to be confident and I know you can do it to!

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