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Books: Ballet Beyond Traditions

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Has anybody read this book? It is written by Anna Peskevska and came out quite recently. I have ordered it online but I am still waiting for delivery and I am curious :wub: Any comments welcome

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Don't forget to go to Amazon.com from the link on our pages if you decide to order this book! Every little bit helps in keeping this site going, and every time anyone orders from Amazon by going there through the banner up above the page, the site gets a little something. :flowers:

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I would do but as there is no link to the UK Amazon... I suppose this is just meant for US users

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i look forward to having a browse at that site: thanks brendan. i know nothing about this book, but WILL say that when i first came across this author's work (an earlier book, years ago) i DID find it nicely challenging to my thoughts about how to teach ballet. so, dance-scholar, it might be worth checking her out...

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Finally, I reveiced Ballet Beyond Traditions. Pakevska explores ballet with a contemporary approach and encourages a more holistic training. It has a short historical perspective on ballet technique/history and goes then into contemporary concepts of alignment, potential and kinetic energy, suspension, etc... It is certainly interesting for ballet teachers with an open mind :-)

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