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Thankfully reintroducing free enchainements in the Major Syllabi has responded to that very problem. I taught a pre-el class on Friday and the barre goes on forever, but thankfully the centre is created by the examiner so the students only need to learn how to do various steps, not memorize a million combinations. And that allows instructors to do more free variations and combinations during class smile.gif .

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Guest WendyMV

This is what I've discovered (my *two cents* again.) A set barre is good for people who are beginning and need to learn correct technique. It allows them to focus on how they are doing what they are doing, not what the combination is. However, I think that once you get to a place where you know what to do, you need to have a varying barre to stay mentally challenged. I was totally in favor of a set barre, until I realized that it was more work for me to stay interested in it and FORCE myself to work as hard as possible. It's like my lack of interest mentally affected my body physically (which is only natural.) I think that it is possible to include a lot of what you need in a set barre, but not everything, and for people who have danced a long time or are advanced, we need something to keep us interested so we can work hard and stay sharp. (I'm saying this is how it is for me.)


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