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Nutcracker mishap


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All I can say is that the kids themselves usually perform miracles to rescue the little "mishaps" that occur along the way. During our first Nutcracker weekend, a feather came off a party mom's costume and floated across the stage many times -- finally landing in the spot where my dd would do her Snow Queen pas de deux. Bless, the little red soldier who grabbed it when she "died" during the battle scene and saved the day! This same dancer would later, in the same performance, right a backdrop that got twisted and torn!

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Last weekend, my daughter had a 'revealing' Nutcracker moment! She danced the Marzipan Pricness, then had to change quickly into the flower corp costume for Waltz of the Flowers. Then, back into the Marzipan costume for the finale. The last change was the quick one with just about two minutes to take off the corset, tutu and crown and put on another corset, tutu and flower. :blink:


When she came out for her entrance in the finale her corset looked a little cockeyed, but I was relieved she had made the change in time - until she did her first pirouette and I saw that she was only hooked about 1/3 up the back! AFter she did her finale part, she quickly ran offstage and got fully hooked, before coming back in from the wings and making her way to the front of the crowd to take her place again for the final portion of the finale.


Turns out the woman who helps her with the change was not at the right place, for some unknown reason and she had some 10-12 year olds trying desperately to hook and unhook the corset in the dark! Needless to say, the woman was in place, with flashlight in hand at the next peformance!


I was pleased that she managed to smile through the entire finale and maintain her composure. :) I however, became a nervous wreck watching her dart in and out for those final few minutes! :speechless:

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Luckily, this was only a dress rehearsal (though a lot of parents were watching)...when my daugher was in her Arabian costume, she was being turned upside down by her partner as he was lifting her. Her pants were too loose, they fell completely down, and she was only wearing a black lacy thong underneath! By the time she was lifted, her entire butt was exposed, hanging upside down.

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My DD was Clara for this year's Nut by our regional company. On her first matinee, the Nutcracker's head fell off! Luckily, it was after the boys had broken it and Drossylmeyer had fixed it for her. She just stayed in character and took it back to (luckily a very veteran) Dross and he fixed it again while she did her dance.


AD was terrific. She told DD you can tell a lot more about a dancer by how she handles unforseen circumstances.


Next shows were perfect. :shrug:

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