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Guest twinkletoad5000

A very close friend of mine and I are double cast as Clara in this year's Nutcraker. This is my first year doing a Nutcracker with this particular ballet company, and I have understood that in years past there has always been some "competition" and maby even some rivalry between the two Claras. But my friend and I were very close and I deffinatly thought that this would not happen to us. Well with LESS than one week until the weekend of the show, it almost seems as though our great friendship is lost...........


We have an odd number of performances. One of them is a "Clara's Tea" typ of thing where all of the main characters dance excerpts from their variations, and there is one performance on Friday which is a show for inner city and Title 1 schools, and 3 of them are your typical Saturday matenee and night and Sunday Matenee. I have the Sat. Matnee and Sunday and Clara's Tea , and my friend has the others. The AD had decided on 4 of them (2 for each of us) and decided that for the last one, he was going to flip a coin(heads it was me, tails it was her) I had already decided that it really didnt matter to me about who was clara, beacause on the perfomances when we were not clara, we are Chinese, Snow, Waltz, and party girl. Well it landed heads up and that was fine with me. I could see that maby my friend was disapointed, but I could not really tell. For a breif second I thought about giving the part to her, but then I figured that she would be fine with it as well.................well that wasnt true.


Today when I saw her, she did not acknowladge my presence until I spoke to her, and even then she gave me a one-word answer. I thought that maby this was the reason. After I got home, my mom called her mom to make sure that everything was cool between us, and it turns out my friend doesnt understand that it is not my fault. They think it is unfair that I have one more performace than she does. But the thing is, we flipped a coin!!!! How was I supposed to help the outcome of that?!?!? I have thought of every last thing that I have said and done, and I can think of nothing that would appear offensive or rude in any way. I feel AWFUL and I just dont know what to do!! So the question is, WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!?!? :thumbsup::)



Your answers would be greatly appreciated. THanks,


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Give her some time. Chances are very good that she'll get over it.

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I am not particualy mad at you. I am angry at the fact that this is your first year in the company and you are already getting great roles and recognition from the directors. I've been at the studio since I was 8, and I have rarely gotten that treatment. As for Clara's Tea, I am mad at the director for flipping a coin. It wasn't professional. In the years past, the Clara who did the school show would get Clara's Tea because the school show is not public and only not a full show. Since the director knew what nights we had Clara and decided to flip a coin anyways, I thought he didn't think I was good and didn't want me to do the Tea. I also really didn"t want to do Chinese for the second year, but that doesn't really matter. So I am not mad at you.

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Okay, dancers, this is personal chat, and not allowed on Young Dancers. Take your conversation email, or better yet, in person, please.

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