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Guest theskysthelimit

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Guest theskysthelimit

I know I'm being really irritating asking all kinds of questions but I have a nother one. I was born with a badly swayed back, like really badly swayed. After I'd been dancing for a couple of years, it gradually straightened out. I still have a very loose back (if you've ever seen the touacing your toes to your head stretch, I can curl my back up and touch my toes to my chin) which I find hard to keep perfectly straight doing adagio work when I'm thinking about so many other things. HELP(again)!!!!! :)

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I'm not sure what the question is here. You have a very flexible back, which is fine, but the control of it comes from knowing where your center is and using your abdominal muscles. Adagio in the center is the same as at the barre, but with no help. If you are doing it correctly at the barre, with proper placement and control in terms of where your body weight is, then it should transfer to the center. If your back is going all loose in the center, then that is lack of work with your abs, and lack of placing yourself and finding your control zone. Very important to keep your body weight forward when your back is that flexible.

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