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@2busy Sorry that I wasn't clear. For the first two years all dance majors must take ballet 5x/week. Co-ed technique M, W, F, and either pointe or mens T, Th. Classes are 2 hours long. They must also take Modern M, W, F and Jazz T, Th. So they are taking a minimum of 4 hours of dance every day for the first 4 semesters. 

Then, in their third year, they are allowed to drop down to 1 dance class each day. So, dancers can pick ballet technique or modern, and pointe/mens or jazz. But, they may continue taking all classes if they want. There is pilates and yoga as well. My DS favors certain teachers so he picks his classes based on who is teaching and how the times work in the schedule with his non-dance major.

My DS's absolute favorite thing about dance is partnering. He has had MANY opportunities to partner in performances. Pointe and Mens classes are at the same time and they sometimes combine them to have a partnering class. However, I do not believe there is a designated partnering class.

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I have a question about financial aid.  My daughter was accepted to Meadows but we haven't received our financial aid package yet - should be any day now. (I hope.) But she would need some sort of merit or academic scholarship to make it happen. Looking at their website, it appears they give away quite a bit of money but I am nervous.  Does anyone have insight about the level of aid given to dancers at SMU. (BTW - we visited the campus in person last week and my daughter loved it.)

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@CA dance mom My sense is that the level of aid for dancers is quite variable. I would contact Ryan Cole, the admissions director in Meadows. He is a total sweetheart and can probably give you some insight on that.

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