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They certainly get you coming and going, don't they? Did your dd fare well?

Yes, she did very well. SMU offered her a very nice scholarship package, but she decided to go to another university. But SMU made it very attractive for her. It was harder for me to decline than for her. ($$$$)

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Two SMU Seniors just got contracts with Hubbard Street. FYI :yawn:

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DD and I attended Mustang Monday on October 16th. We got a general overview of the school and had the opportunity to observe a few dance classes. The facilities are wonderful and DD loved the school. The dance classes were well taught, IMHO.

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I am auditioning for SMU on November 11 in Dallas. From growing up in the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex, I have had the opportunity to see quite a few SMU Dance department productions. It seems like an excellent program, and the academics at the university are top-notch. While I hope to be employed in a professional company at the end of this year, I am auditioning for both Indiana U. and SMU in hopes of having options.

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I know of several who attended early auditions this fall and I've heard of one who has received an acceptance. Any other BT users who have heard from their fall auditions?

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Good luck Allegrodancer! My son is a freshman at SMU now (non-dancer) and LOVES SMU. He spent a lot of his childhood growing up in University Park area and feels like he's home. He loves the classes, sizes are small and professors are accessible. We dropped into a Martha Graham technique class during parent weekend. Wonderful studios and the class seemed excellent. (I am no expert on Martha Graham though). DD (still in middle school) says this is already her top choice for college as a dance major. She is interested in a double major and SMU's curriculum makes this easier than other places.

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Does SMU give good ballet scholarships? Are you informed of a scholarship in the acceptance letter?

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Yes! SMU offers great scholarships for talented ballet dancers. Looking at your Summer Study info you might be interested to know that SMU has a pretty Balanchine based ballet focus. We have a Balanchine repiteur on staff so we do Balanchine ballets and stuff. I'm very happy with the program! Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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OK--my daughter is home tonight from the Nov. 11th audition--unfortunately she was not one of the few selected to move on to the individual auditions/interviews. About 10-15 were chosen from 43 dancers. My dd is a trainee apprentice at our local ballet company and felt she did well with the ballet section (taught by Leslie Peck), but she thought her modern was only OK and jazz was a challenge. (She is a ballet girl through and through.) She LOVED the school and may still apply, and is being a trouper about this turn in the road. Does anyone have info about if you are a non-major and the availability of dance classes?

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2llori - Don't know if you are aware of this, but your dd can audition for SMU again when they have California auditions. SMU is one of the few that allows you to audition twice in the same year. Yes, they do have non-major classes but from what I was told by SMU dance majors, they are not at the same level and they are usually crowded. One of the SMU dancers I spoke with said that there are very good dance classes available in the community.


Depending on when the San Francisco auditions take place (as they are STILL not posted on the website), DD may audition there first, saving me another plane fare if she passes. If she doesn't pass, she can decide at that point if she wants to re-audition in Dallas. She really loved the school!


We were told by the Fine Arts recruiter that if you pass the dance audition, they can finagle admission to the university, as long as the student's credentials aren't too ridiculous.

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