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Thank you for the info--I see they are coming to Orange County on Feb. 20th. Now it is up to DD to decide what she wants to do. She is approaching the fork in the road--whether to try to continue to dance or put it on the back burner.

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2llori: there are many good dance programs that are not as competitive as SMU. I can't PM you, but take a look at the BT4D listings, they are pretty extensive. Best of luck to your dd! :unsure:

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Hi there-

I'm auditioning for SMU in March (I'm recovering from surgery right now) and was curious about the process. They ask you to have a solo prepared if you're kept after the ballet class...but should you prepare a ballet or modern variation/solo? Which is recommended?


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Get well, soon, Tutu!


DD is also auditioning for SMU. As she understands it, the group class is NOT just ballet. Remember, SMU is a "balanced" program. They also ask you to bring jazz shoes to the audition. If they like you, you will be asked to stay and do your solo. We have been told your solo should be your best work. However, for the most accurate info you should contact the recruiters for the Meadows School of the Arts directly.

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She will do a local audition in February. For locals, everyone gets to do their solo. We were advised that she would stand a better chance if she came to a Dallas audition, but she still wants to do the local one.


Good luck!

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DD auditioned today. Leslie Peck taught the class and it was pretty much ballet. DD says Ms. Peck is a fantastic teacher and she really enjoyed the class. Only 2 dancers showed up!

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wow. only 2 dancers showed up? thats sad! typically there is also a jazz/modern segment of the audition after barre. if anyone has questions about this program feel free to ask!

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balletboyrhys- the regional auditions are different than the Dallas auditions, so we were told by a dance dept. person. Because there is only 1 auditioner, that person gives a class in their area of expertise. And at regionals, everyone gets to do a solo, which is videotaped and brought back to the school for faculty review.

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Sometimes the auditioner's area of expertise is not ballet. The regional audition I attended consisted of a short Graham type modern class and then each of us doing our solos. Because I did not have much modern training, and my solo was a classical variation it really threw me for a loop.


Edited to add-

I auditioned two years ago, not this year. Sorry for the confusion.

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SMU expects that not many people have had Graham training. This is the first year in many that an incoming student has not been placed in Modern 1. The girl in question trained at the Graham school. So they put her in Modern 2. :( SMU loves good modern dancers but they definitely look for strong classical dancers so dont worry about your variation. Good luck!

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I read your description of the SoCal audition to my daughter, and she regretted she didn't audition again--she was disheartened by her audition at SMU because of the modern portion and was cut before she had a chance to do her solo--good luck to your daughter, Taradriver--were they told anything at the audition?

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2llori- actually it was the Northern California audition yesterday. The SoCal audition is 2/19 and the same teacher will do it. Audition info is on the SMU website. Am not sure if you can just show up & it is too late to contact SMU. If I was really in love with the program AND in the area, I would be bold as brass and go anyway, especially since your dd already has a file with them. The worst that will happen is they will turn her away. Nothing ventured, nothing lost, right?

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Whoops, I noticed that too, when we were going over the calendar--we had written down the local SMU auditions. I'm sure you know what dealing with a Senior DD is like--she is also in a production now with her company/school that is limiting her time. I am off Monday, so we shall see! Thanks for your input....

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