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Does anyone know what the situation is with Andrew Parker? Heard he was leaving and was wondering what that meant for the program, who was replacing him, etc.

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No idea what it means for SMU but yes he is going back to Canada to teach.

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Andrew Parker was at SMU for 3 years. The main faculty members remain so it is highly unlikely that any noticeable changes in the program will occur other than a new teacher joining. My guess it that there will most likely be a guest artist for next year (or 2, 1 each semester) and then a search committee will look to fill the permanent position for the following year.

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Okay, now I've heard Myra Woodruff left this summer. What's going on with the program? Has anyone heard anything? My dd was accepted to the program, but we haven't received any information from the department regarding changes. We are worrying about what this means for incoming freshman.

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I just looked up on the SMU Dance Department to see if Myra Woodruff is still listed for their faculty. She is listed as a dance professor only. Some man is listed as the interim chair for the dance department. Don't know what this means but thought I would post this information for those who are concerned.

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Just got some updates from students and alumni. It seems all is well, fortunately! Ms. Woodruff is simply taking a leave from the administration side of things, but will still be teaching. She is such an asset to that program! Anyway, we were concerned that after their wonderful season last year that this might be a bit of a paradigm shift in the program, but that does not seem to be the case at this time. Hopefully the incoming students will get some kind of update before school starts, but it does seem that everything is set to move on as it was!

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"Yea" Great news for the SMU dance program. If Myra Woodruff has stepped down from her administration position then it will give her more time to teach and choreograph. This will be good for the whole program. :clapping:

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For those interested in the program, and in the Dallas area, the Brown Bag Series begins today - Oct. 4, 2010

It runs MWF noon-1pm and Tues/Thurs 12:30-1:30 at the Meadows School, Hope Lobby


Brown Bag is performed, choreographed, and run by current students, and showcases the depth and dimension of the program. It's FREE! Bring your lunch and enjoy...

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Hopefully someone is still active on this topic. I have a couple of questions about the campus auditions.


If a dancer is not invited to stay and do the solo, then they are NOT going to get into the program? Is that correct? No reason to hold out hop after that day?


Also, if invited to stay for the solo, how long before a letter arrives with acceptance or denial information?

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DD auditioned in October. Those who are not asked to stay and solo are told they are not accepted to the program; however, SMU does allow dancers to reaudition at a later sceduled audition. So if a dancer feels it was not a day representative of what they can really do, they can have a redo in the same audition season.


DD received her artistic acceptance just about 4 weeks later.

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Can anyone tell me how much emphasis is placed on classical ballet vs modern or contemporary in this program? Do their graduates get placed in good programs?

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Can anyone weigh in on the likelihood of being admitted based on a video audition? DD is unable to attend the last two auditions in Dallas due to circumstances beyond her control. She contacted SMU directly, and was told to send in a video audition. Given admission to SMU is very competitive, DD is unsure as to whether it's even worth sending in a video to the department. If anyone has recent experience with this issue, it would be very much appreciated.

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hpydncmomx2 Thank You so much for replying!


SMU is DD's preferred choice of schools because they offer everything she wants ( BFA in dance and the opportunity to major in business within a school that has the environment she wants). DD has a very good friend who attends the program on scholarship, and is able to see what her friend is doing for the Freshman year. SMU offers everything we could ask for ( except for the financials), but the Video audition requirements aren't stringent and didn't seem as comprehensive as most ballet SI's. We were nervous that they prioritized the people auditioning "live", which I would understand. We are ready to send in the video and will keep all fingers/toes crossed.


Did SMU ask your DD to come in to interview after the video or did they just accept her? The department told my DD they will sometimes ask dancers to fly in to interview after they get the video. That's fine with us, I was just wondering...


Best of luck to your DD on her choice..

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