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Guest kristinene

Hi everyone!


Well, I'm back dancing again after a break while I started graduate school. I wanted to take class from the beginning, but I simply couldn't figure out how to make the time! Well, now that I'm 'broken in' to grad school life I've figured it out, and I'm so glad to be back! My body was in serious knots that walking (my preferred form of non-dance everyday excercise) and stretching couldn't alleviate. My first class back, though challenging (in all ways: flexibiliy, strength, coordination, endurance and bad habits!) went pretty well considering my time away.


Anyway, just wanted to share my joy at returning to class (both dance and academic)!

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oh cool! I'm also a grad student. I tried starting ballet again when I first got to school, and it was quite difficult. I'm planning on starting classes again this month. I'm glad you had a good experience getting back into ballet! :)

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Guest kristinene

I'm a chemical oceanography student at the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography.


I found it extremely difficult to take classes my first semester - partly because I was getting used to the work load and partly because I have to commute between MIT and WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), which takes about 2 hours each way. This semester I'm finally in the swing of things (I hope) and I'm spending most of the week on the cape so I can go to class more easily. That is the plan - I hope it works!

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In that case, I am your twin on the West Coast, because I am a grad student at Scripps/UCSD, also taking ballet. But I study geophysics.

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I'm also a post-grad student. I'm majoring in Dentistry. I'm not on my post-graduate studies in Oral Medicine specialty. Working out the timetable is quite tricky indeed. Fortunately, my ballet teacher is very lenient and flexible, she doesn't mind giving a private class for me if necessary. She's so cool!

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