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help w/ turn out....!

Guest luv2dance24

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Guest luv2dance24


i have horrible turn out... :) ive tried the butterfly and frog...but they all dont really work for me...my foot loves to sicle and i can never stand in a proper b+ without sicling...what are some other things that i can do to help improve my turnout problems???? i quit for a year b/c i thought i was awful just b/c of my turn out but then realized that practice an determination would only make me better so i started taking ballet again are there any other things that i can do to help myself catch-up w/ the rest of the class?

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Hello luv2dance24, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :)


There are tons and tons of threads on turn out here. Basically, ballet training itself works your rotation all the time. There is no magic pill, or stretch or exercise that will make it happen instantly. It's a matter of long term work and a lot of patience, and working very correctly so that you learn to USE the rotation you have and to improve it. The stretches, like butterfly and frog can help somewhat, but things like just spending time working on your tendus (particularly important in correcting sickle feet) and especially rond de jambe à terre, will help more than anything else. Please be sure that you understand placement and how to work your rotation, and then keep working and be patient. It will take a long time. :sweating:

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Guest luv2dance24

thanks, ive started to spend more time practicing at home and working even harder in class it improving even more ive just been so busy lately! i take 5 classes a week (pp2(ballet), adv. tap, baroque, point 1 and 2, and adv. jazz) plus im in some fights with my best friends and i have exams coming up and CHRISTMAS! i just feel over worked but still im torjetaing around the house thanxs for the tips ill just keep working hard and giving it all ive got....GUESS WHAT! my dance teacher (paige-whitley-bauguess) says that we are going on point in JANUARY! im so excited :)

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Guest songbirdfaerie

luv2dance24, It took me about 4 years to develop nice turnout. I was told by all of my teachers that they didn't think I had the potentional to become a professional because of my lack of turn-out. I stretched often, and I just worked hard it class. As it was stated before, it will come to you with hard work and time. :)

Good Luck!

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