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Giving the Leads their gifts


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I would think that either opening or closing would be appropriate, dressage. :)

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Also, be sensitive to when during the evening the gift is given. One time, when my daughter was much younger, she went to the principal's dressing room shortly before the show on opening night (I wasn't with her, this was something she did on her own.) The principal was young and it was her first time to dance the role and she was clearly a bundle of nerves. My daughter was very hurt that she didn't take much notice of her gift or even stop to open it. As an adult, I understand that her timing was bad, but as an aspiring young dancer who idolized this dancer, it was very disheartening. So, be sure you orchestrate things as best you can to make the gift exchange a pleasant one for both the giver and the receiver! :)


Sometimes we have found that everyone is most relaxed and can enjoy such activites most, between shows on a Saturday, although this is usually not either the opening or closing performance.

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