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Few technique Qs


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Ok, I have a few questions....


-I can turn out about 170º degrees, but while doing an exercise(ie, plies) I have trouble holding it. Anything I can do to strengthen whatever I need to hold onto it?


-In developpe to 2nd position, my leg can go up pretty high if I(or someone else) holds it. But if no one is holding it, then it doesn't go up as high. Any excerises or tips to strengthen for that?


-When in arabesque to the back, any tips or exercises for-

--keeping your upper body up

--keeping your leg in the air straight


Thanks in advance :)


edited to add: I'm hyperextened(very, at that) if that makes any difference;)

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Hello ama1090, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :)


Having good rotation and being able to use it well while weight-bearing are two different things. It takes a lot of years to develop the strength, placement, balance point, and control to use all that turnout when you are moving. There is no magic pill to make it happen faster, just classes and more classes and practice and more practice. :sweating::thumbsup: But, be sure you have a good understanding of HOW to use your rotation. That is your teacher's job! If you have learned and understand placement, and where the rotation comes from, then just keep working on your tendus and especially rond de jambes, as they are the best excercise there is for rotation.


Getting your leg high in à la seconde, and keeping it there, are also a matter of time and strength. That strength usually does not happen fully until you have finished growing.


For arabesque, "arching" your back is NOT what you want to do! That would make your ribs go out and your upper body too far back and strained. Arabesque is a forward and upward movement of the torso while the working leg moves backward and upward. Do not pull the upper body backwards!


Straightening your leg is self-explanatory. Just do it! :sweating:

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a note on straightening the leg-its hard to feel when its way back there, and even if it feels straight it may not be, so it helps me to flex my foot and get a full stretch through the back of the knee so that i can identify the feeling, and how extreme it really is to stretch the knee all the way!

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Guest eternitybackwards

I do keep my legs straight all the time. However, they still look bent in the air, especially when I'm doing dévelopé derrière. There's only one reason I can attribute this to, that is my hyperextension. Is there anyway to make my legs appear straighter in the air? I'm only slightly hyperextended by the way.

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Hello eternitybackwards, welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here on Ballet Talk for Dancers! :ermm:


Actually, hyperextended legs look very straight when they are in arabesque...IF you straighten them all the way. Hyperextended legs actually more than straighten. It's hypOextendend legs that don't look straight even when they are. If you are even slightly hyperextended, all you have to do is be sure that YOU straighten it all the way!

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