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Thank you vagansmom. Do you know how many middle schoolers they take, and is it hard to get accepted in middle school? I was just wondering because I would like to attend Nutmeg, either in middle or high school.

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I'm not sure, FouetteFanatic. You'd have to write and ask. I see that their website is under construction right now but you can go to here and click where it tells you to send an email. Ask about what age they accept dancers for their residency.


My daughter graduated from their program some years ago. At the time they had one or two female middle school dancers who were residents. I don't know what it's like now.

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I sent an audition video to the school in order to be considered for their summer intensive & the year round program and got an email saying I was accepted!!

I'm really excited about this, I'd love to attend the school year-round as I have heard so many good things about it, but I have so many things to think about right now!


1. I live in Cyprus, so far away... I will miss my family a lot if I go, and how does it feel to permanently live in the US?! I probably won't be able to see my family very often, just for holidays, and USA is so far away from Europe...


2. Is it a good school? Will I like the atmosphere there, will I make friends? What will the academic school be like? Here I go to an English school, preparing for GCSE's...It's the British system, what if it's really different there? How will I cope?

I will live in a dorm with a roommate. It's weird, because usually you have to think about these things when you finish school, but here I am, only 14, trying to decide on this.


What do you think?

I don't know, I'm really excited but if I go my life will be so different...It's not a chance to be missed, but...it's such a difficult decision to make!

Ahh, I don't know what to do, even though I really want to go and will regret it if I don't.

If anyone here goes to Nutmeg, or is a parent of someone who does, please share your input on the school! Thank you!

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I went to the Nutmeg Summer Program, two summers ago, and it was great.


The training was excellent and my friend stayed for the year-round and she said she really enjoyed it, now she has moved on to NCSA. Good luck to you Bee


balletluver91 :ermm:

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Bee, first of all congratulations upon your acceptance both to Nutmeg's summer program and their year round program! :ermm::shrug:


You're right, it is a very big decision to move, not only away from home but also, to another country to attend school and you're wise to ask all the questions you can. I certainly hope that you and your family are addressing specific questions regarding academics to Nutmeg itself, as well - but I am sure you are. There are a number of difrerences in academic education between the USA and other countries and I am sure it's very important to you to continue to get the best education possible.


Is there any possibility that you can attend their SI and then maybe postpone the year round move or decide later?


I'm sure you'll get more responses in the next few days. Meanwhile, I'm going to move your topic into Cross Talk which will encourage a larger variety of members to respond. :)

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Hi Bee, I know Nutmeg fairly well because my daughter attended there for many years. She wasn't a resident because we live in the vicinity. In the early years, before Nutmeg had a dorm, we were also a host family.


Its residency program has a reputation for being cozy and friendly. I think you can be assured of making good friends at Nutmeg!


The program will keep you very busy! Besides the classes, they also do a Nutcracker (anywhere from 7-10 theater performances plus in-school shows) and a spring performance. They also participate in YAGP doing an ensemble piece (one or two dancers may enter as soloists).


I can't compare the academic school to yours because I'm not familiar with your system. Students either attend Torrington High School, a fairly standard American high school experience, or they do correspondence courses.


Torrington is not a big city; it's on the outskirts of a fairly rural community. But the city is growing and more and more shops are moving into the area.


If you do come here, please know that there are many area families, mine included, who are happy to take in a dancer for special meals or during short holidays when you can't go home. The Nutmeg community- past and present - has always opened itself up to dancers far from home. Maybe we'll share a meal sometime!

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Redstorm, as you probably know, my daughter attended Nutmeg from the age of 4 until she graduated at 18. I can answer any specific questions about the year-round program and about the teachers but since my daughter went away for the summers, I'm not as familiar about the day-to-day summer schedule.


Yes, I'd say your daughter should do the March audition even if she's not interested in the year-round quite yet. They remember auditioners! You can start the dialogue with them now for the future.


labelleballerine, my daughter (and I) adore Mr. Thyberg's choreography and my daughter absolutely loved his classes. His return to Nutmeg, after quite a number of years elsewhere (he left when my now 19 year old daughter was 9 or 10, and returned when she was 17), is a real boon to the dancers. Although he was Vaganova trained, I think his work is Balanchinian influenced.

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Vaganasmom, Can you tell me how hard it is to get into Nutmeg if my GPA is currently a 2.5? I currently attend a private school who has a very hard grading system (I'm sure my average would be higher according to the public school system.) I'm concerned this might keep me from getting accepted into the year round residency program.

Thank you,


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Congratulations on your acceptance, Bee. One thing you might want to consider as regards academics is where you would like to eventually attend university - if that is your plan. Some universities can be finicky when it comes to accepting a high school education from another country. For instance, if you hope to return to Cyprus for your studies, you might want to find out how they would regard an American high school education.

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I was just accepted to the year round residency as well and I am curious because I have heard many great things about the summer program. I am very interested in attending and I fear the factor that is going to hold me back is the expenses.

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Thank you for your responses everyone!

I have been emailing Nutmeg to find out some of the things I need to know - they are very fast to reply.

A few things I want to know from students/parents at Nutmeg:


1. Are students allowed to travel to nearby towns/states on weekends and term breaks? New York City is only a few hours away, would I be able to visit during a term break?


2. I read that dorms close for holidays. What about term breaks? Does everyone have to leave for 4-5 days or are they allowed to stay?


3. Apart from technique/pointe/pas de deux classes and rehearsals, are there any other classes during the year? Are workshops, conditioning, modern, character classes available at all?


4. Do any companies come to see Nutmeg's graduating classes or are students left on their own to find jobs after finishing the program?


5. Where do students eat breakfast, lunch and dinner?


Swiss_Chard, I am not planning to attend a university in Cyprus, probably in another part of Europe or USA, so that's not a problem...

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HI! I am still just at "uninformed" as you seem to be but I do know that DURING THE SUMMER someone told me that if you live in a house you in a way have more freedom and that you can organize trips among the girls in your house. People were saying sometimes weekend trips to NYC....like you asked. Also


4. Do any companies come to see Nutmeg's graduating classes or are students left on their own to find jobs after finishing the program?


I dont know how the dancers actually F_I_N_D the jobs after they gradate, but I do know that there are AT LEAST two that I know of in the Joffrey Ballet of Chicago and they are AMAZING!


Hopefully we'll meet this summer :lol: or maybe even for the year :wink: MAYBE WE"LL BE ROOM MATES!! I am really excited...DOESNT IT SOUND LIKE A GREAT PROGRAM?


aNotheR :jawdrop: qUesTion: where in the world is cyprus? :pinch:



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born2beprima, knowest ye not your geography? :lol:Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its 9,251 square kilometres (3,572 square miles) encompass citrus and olive groves, pine forested mountains, and some of Europe's cleanest beaches. Also the easternmost island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is approximately 105kilometres (60 miles) west of Syria, 75kilometres (47 miles) south of Turkey and 380kilometres (200 miles) north of Egypt. The nearest Greek point is the Greek island of Rhodes which is 380kilometres (200miles) to the west. The island has a mild, typically Mediterranean climate, with abundant sunshine even in winter and little rainfall. Prominent geographic features include the Troodos massif that occupies most of the southwestern part of the country, the Pentadaktylos range in the north around Kyrenia and the Messaoria Plain in between them. It is here that the capital city, Lefkosia, is located...
Click around the site and you'll see one of the most beautiful places in the world where there's so much history, it will make your head spin. :pinch:


Bee, you live in an incredibly beautiful country. :jawdrop:

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