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Does anyone have any updated insight for the year round program? DD14 was just accepted and this is one of her top choices, but some of the information on this thread is concerning.

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5678, can you specify what is concerning to you? Nutmeg went through a transition period quite a number of years ago where some among the administration staff left and stability followed. It was during that period that many of the negative comments were posted. Is there something more recent that you are referring to? I no longer have an active role at Nutmeg, but I was on the Board of Directors there at one time long after my own daughter graduated and continue to attend performances upon occasion.

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Nothing more specific than the previous reviews here, which I acknowledge are older and I think and hope outdated. Thanks for confirming that the administration has gone through some transitions.


Does anyone have any more recent reviews of the year round program? Our family is seriously considering this program for DD14.

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I attended the year round program last year and I still have friends who are there this year. I loved the school and the faculty very much!! I recieved an immense amount of personal attention on a daily basis. That being said, there are still a few teachers who may have "favorites" but that comes with any school. I left because of financial reasons and because of a personal decision; it had nothing to do with the school and I know that if I still wanted to pursue ballet professionally I would have continued at Nutmeg for my senior year this year. Many of my friends are now auditioning for college dance programs with a few auditioning for companies. The upper level (from my understanding) was smaller this year than last. For performance opportunities, there is the Nutcracker every year (a wonderful production with amazing costumes and sets!) as well as IMPACT (the spring show) and Graduation performances. There are also a few selected dancers that may get to perform at various events around Torrington/Hartford area throughout the year.


I am unsure if your DD will be dorming, but if so, the house mom, Ms Karen is absolutely wonderful!! She is kind and always there to help and care for you. When I was sick, she would come and check on me, take me to the doctor, and make soup. The dorms themselves are small, and it will depend on how many dorm kids there are for how many are in each room. DUring the 2015-2016 school year, two office spaces were used as dorms on the 3rd floor (all other dorms are on the 2nd floor). This year that was not needed, and some of the rooms only have 2 kids compared to the 3-4 that most had last year. You can sign out during the allotted times on nights and weekends to go within the mapped area with at least 1-2 other people. You must be signed in before curfew. Near the school, there is a grocery store, Dunkin Donuts, local businesses, and a small shopping center with restaurants, TJ Maxx,Michael's, etc all within walking distance. Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons are van runs, when Ms Karen will drive students to Target, Panera, Fro yo, etc. She even took us to the outlets in the next town over a few times. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I would be happy to answer them for you!

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Victoria Leigh

Very helpful information. Thank you, carlyeeeeee. :)

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I was wondering if anyone has any new information about this program. I am considering it for next year and I wanted people opinions on the high school program and what the dorms were like, and how the teachers were?

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Hi! My name is Anya too, which kinda freaked me out for a second because I have the same question lol. I was just accepted into their summer intensive and year round program for the 2017-2018 year, and I was wondering what it was like now, and if anyone had any information about financial aid/scholarships?

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I am so nervous that I won't get in!! It is my top choice for year round and I sent in a video since there are no auditions near me. Did you do a live audition?

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I did a live audition at my school in Miami! (new world school of the arts) the class was very relaxed and the teacher was amazing. Unfortunately I can’t go to the summer Intensive OR the year round due to the cost. Even with financial aid it probably would’ve been too much for my family. And it’s very far. But best of luck to you! I hope you get in!! Let me know if you do, hopefully they’ll have at least one Anya there 😂

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I am trying to find tuition, boarding, and academic fees on the Nutmeg website, but can't find it.  Can anyone direct me?  Thanks!

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If you go on the website go to the page that says apply and scroll down and it should be on that page! It is 31,000 and that includes everything but if you choose your own academics it is 28,000 from what i could tell in the acceptance email. Hope this helps!

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My DS 13 attended the 2 weekAugust SI and he would love to attend the year round.  He was JK’s fav.   He loved the school and the teachers and said he improved a lot.  He also enjoyed Torrington CT.  Nice town with nice cafes..

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Hi everyone!  First time interacting on this site.  I logged on 2.5(?) years ago to learn about Nutmeg's summer intensive /year round program and then kind of forgot about it.  Logging back in to research various info regarding my daughter's next steps and realized I could/should get on Nutmeg's page since previous info is SO dated! 

My daughter attended their intensive before her junior year in HS and then proceeded to attend their year round program.  She is back for her Senior year and has chosen to audition for college programs (vs. going straight to company training programs).  She absolutely LOVES it and she has had a wonderful experience overall.  Please feel free to ask questions and I will probably know the answers. 

If you would like to keep reading:  In my opinion (and she would concur) the teachers are wonderful.  They teach the Vaganova method and my daughter feels her training is strong and her technique is solid.  As a parent I regard the teachers as fostering a very nurturing environment where the students are encouraged and thrive.  The dancers are met at whatever level they are at and encouraged and supported as they move forward. 

Year round students have their academic studies in the morning (9-1), lunch, then ballet.  Some days they also have stretching, Pilates, and/or conditioning.  Their dance training includes technique, pointe, repetoire, variations, partnering and modern (I think once a week).  They dance 5-6 hours a day.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays they they have programming after dinner.  On Mondays and Wednesdays the afternoon runs long and they have free time after dinner. They do dance for several hours on Saturdays. 

The program is know for it's strong men's program and with that (enough male dancers), my daughter loves all the partnering opportunities she has (compared to her home studio).  The school seeks out and brings in guest faculty to offer the students different experiences.  My daughter always loves it when they have a master class and/or visiting instructor. 

As far as schooling - it will be whatever you child makes of it!  I am lucky in that my daughter is very intrinsically motivated (like many dancers are) and has done just as well with online schooling as she did in her regular school environment (this was something I was initially concerned about).  It generally isn't a struggle for her to keep up with her assignments.  I can't say enough positives about their academic director; I know she cares about all the students and is invested in them doing well.  As far as specifics, my daughter was previously at a rigorous, academically challenging high school where she took advanced classes including AP classes her freshman year.  At Nutmeg, she continues to have the opportunity to take her AP coursework (although I must admit-not as many choices) and continues to achieve 5's on the national May exams. 

As far as dorming, they somehow found the perfect person for the job.  Karen is a wonderful combination of being super sweet and caring with the children, ultra responsible, and when needed, she can be strict and makes them "tow the line".  Rules are enforced, meals are nutritionally sound with a nice variety (and special diets are honored), and there are shopping/outing opportunities for the kids to make use of when/if interested.  

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3elizajane, scroll up towards the top of this page and click the box that says 'follow' (right above the green 'Reply to this topic' tab).

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