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Remember that Nutmeg also teaches their local young student division, the "Torrington School of Ballet". At a certain point students are gradually blended into the Nutmeg Ballet before being a full member of Nutmeg Ballet. I remember making out two checks when my daughter was 11 or 12: one for TSOB and one for Nutmeg Ballet. That's anywhere from 11 - 13 usually. So people like my daughter, who took pre-ballet and then ballet classes there for 11 years, would be considered a 10 year program graduate.


I don't know how many levels right now but it's not just two; they may have changed them since my daughter attended. When she was there as a teen, they had A1, A2, B1, B2,and C. Early on, the 1 and 2 designations really were based on technique with A1's being the highest level but they even changed that in my kiddo's last year or two and simply split the A's into two even groups ability wise. They did the same with the B's.

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About how much is Nutmeg year round? I've looked everywhere on their website, but can't find a price.

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Actually, $21,500 is a steal in northwestern CT where residency schools of all kinds abound. The private high schools around here have a price tag that's generally $32,900 for boarders and $24,000 for day students, give or take $500.


So, for an intensive ballet academy that offers the same number of hours classes as the academic high schools (Nutmeg students get loads of ballet time), $21,500 is a great price. It's less than the price of a private high school for day students in these parts. Dancers will not get cheated when it comes to hours of dance - Nutmeg offers lots of that and dedicated students can often find a teacher who's willing to hang around a bit longer so they can work in a studio after class hours. Nutmeg's very generous in that way.

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Guest sarabesque

Anyone know about the Preprofessional program for post-highschool students?

Is it tuition based?

Is it a college-program, or do you dance durign the day?

Curriculum? Perofrmance Opportunities?

Size of the post-highschool program? Selectivityof admissions?

Reputation? ( I 've only heard about it for highschool students?

How strictly vaganova are they? Do you have to have completed previous Vaganova levels? ( The website says the prepros ar in like year 10 of vaganova...)


If anyone is there or has gone to the post highschool part, I'd like to pm you!

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The post-high school program is simply part of the pre-professional program the high school students are taking. You take ballet classes with them and have the same performing opportunities. The only difference is that you live off campus.


Nutmeg has an arrangement with Briarwood College for fine arts credits but post-grads do not have to do that. It's a nice way to earn college credit while taking ballet classes.


Anything you've heard about reputation for high school kids also applies to post-grad since it's the same program.


Hope others who are there now can give you specific examples.


No, they are not strictly Vaganova - you do not need to have studied Vaganova to dance at Nutmeg. The Vaganova full syllabus is actually an 8 year syllabus in Russia but Nutmeg completes it in 10 years due to their students going to regular schools while they're growing up as opposed to the Russian system of selecting kids out of school at age 8 and taking them to reside at the ballet academy.

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So, what level were most 14 year olds in?

Also...I was wondering if A1 and A2 are like 2 separate levels, or one level with the same program but divided into two?


What lessons can a 14 year old take at the Torrington High School? Is there any choice, or are all subjects compulsory? Thank you!

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As vagansmom said, the post-grad program is "simply part of the pre-professional program the high school students are taking". So everything you have heard about the high school program also applies to post-grad.


This year, Nutmeg does also have a class during the day 1-2 days a week for post-grad and homeschooled students. This started up mid-year and is not an official part of the program so it may or may not happen next year. (This year there were enough students available during the day and interested to make having the class worthwhile.)


Nutmeg has also developed an arrangement with University of Connecticut (there is a campus in Torrington) where a student will be able to get college credits at UCONN for the dance classes they take at Nutmeg. Some of the post-grads take college classes during the day and some work, etc. Nutmeg encourages a college education but it is up to the student to make that choice.


Bee, A1 and A2 are two separate levels. I think the students are placed by a combination of ability/training and age so there is no way to know what level a 14 year old would be placed in. (That is really a question for Nutmeg staff to answer.) I believe that most of the 14 year olds this year are in level A2, but not all of them.


As for the high school, it is a typical American high school - there are some classes that are mandatory (i.e. English, Math, etc.) and then there are electives that you can choose based on your interests and future plans. I am sure you could contact Torrington High School and request that they send you a course catalog, or perhaps Nutmeg even has one they could send you. You can also go online to:


and if you click on the "Academics" link on the left side, you will get some basic information that may help you.

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Guest sarabesque

hmmm.. so its sounds like being post-grad, pre-pro at Nutmeg is like being in highschool still, but what do the kids do during the day?

Are they all at college and then just the normal amount of night classes, like any other studio?

I'm kinda confused on what makes Nutmeg's post-grad worth advertising (pointe magazine, their website, gossip) as a special program to really train on your way to a professional career?

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I said earlier this week I'd post this but have been a little under the weather so I apologize to those of you who've been patiently waiting. B ecause there was a thread here on one of the parent boards (titled "A Topic of Consternation" or something like that), it seemed really important to get out specific information as detailed within Nutmeg's own brochures. It isn't yet up on their website but soon will be.


About 10 days ago, I brought two BT4D posters down to Nutmeg to give them a tour. While there, we ran into Karry Orelup, the head of the new Classical Academic Program starting up this year. I asked Karry for any written info they had so I could post it here. Below, you'll find some details about the program itself but first a word about Karry and some of what we discussed in our visit. I've known her for about 10 years. My daughter was good friends with two of her daughters (twins) and they danced together for a number of years. Karry and I are both keenly interested in education so we spent much of the time we'd find ourselves thrown together discussing education. Sometimes those discussions included our own dreams about what an academic program within a ballet school would look like.


I love it that Karry's running this program. When I first heard that Nutmeg was taking on their own academic program, I was hoping against hope that it would be Karry whom they'd turn to. Many of you know that when it comes to education, I'm a hard person to please. But, without any qualms, I would hand my kids over to Karry to be educated; I trust her completely.


For lots of reasons, I've never been enamored of high school correspondence programs although I do recognize that, with everything in life, there are sometimes mitigating factors that necessitate them. Karry's created a personal education program for Nutmeg students, using a correspondence program, Keystone, and enhancing it. She said that she's grateful to the Rock School, who've been very helpful and generous with their time, for detailing their program to her and warning her against various pitfalls.


In addition to Keystone's correspondence program, Nutmeg's CAP will include (per semester):

800 plus hours of supervised and guided study time-

Weekly progress assessments with the Academic Facilitator (Karry)-

Weekly tutoring on a sign-up basis-

Guest speakers-

Career couseling-


Nutmeg's brochure states "together with the parent and the student, we will create goals and an individualized academic program for the year. The academic schedule will take into consideration the day-to-day demands of the training programs at Nutmeg."


CAP (Classical Academic Program) includes educational field trips to dance and theatrical performances, art and history museums. There will be regular speakers on topics such as creative writing, professional writing, and photography. There will be regular forums to discuss current events (this was very important to me! :) ). Social activities will be integrated into the program also. Karry is meeting with officials from various area schools to make arrangements for the Nutmeg students' inclusion in some of their social activities. Students are strongly encouraged to take the various standardized tests required for college admissions.


This is the basic coursework for all four years but please note that if a student has already taken a course before the year listed in the schedule (for example, algebra I which many kids take in middle school), then that student will continue on where they left off. They will not need to repeat any class (of course!)



Algebra I


English I


Spanish I or French I





English 2

World History

Spanish 2 or French 2



Algebra 2 or Trigonometry

Physical Science

English 3

US History

Collegiate Spanish 1 or Collegiate French 1



Pre-calculus or Calculus


English 4


Collegiate Spanish 2 or French 2


Sample Day:

7:30-8:30 Breakfast

8:30-11:30 Homeroom and proctored study time

11:30-12:45 Free time, lunch, prepare for technique class

12:45-2:15 Technique Class

2:30-3:45 Pointe, variations, men's class, adjunct dance, etc.

3:45-5:15 Proctored study time, second class, music practice, rehearsal, coaching

5:30-6:15 Proctored study time, dance class, special interest, rehearsal, free time

6:15-6:45 Dinner

6:45-8:30 Rehearsal

8:45-9:45 Proctored study time

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Thank you for the update. This is particulary timely for us. We had heard rumors on the board about Nutmeg switching to Keystone and actually chose to use Keystone when we decided last month to begin homeschooling our DS this year. Our hopes were for a smooth transition if he decided to apply - and could get accepted - to Nutmeg (or other programs where we had to obtain schooling independent of the dance program.) The curriculum you've outlined is exactly what we have mapped out for him! (We just switched biology and physical science to accomodate his interest - or lack thereof - this year!) We were concerned when looking at the website earlier today, though. As of now, their information states that "talented Juniors and Seniors" can complete their degree with some exceptions being made for younger students. It looks like they have already planned for those younger students, though. Our interest will be next year, when our son is a sophmore, so any insight you have as to their thoughts for these "younger students" would be appreciated. We'll be visiting later in the fall, so any information we have in advance will help!



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Do you know if one can continue on their own doing homeschooling? I am overly curious since I am considering applying but if I can't I probably won't apply. I ended up a year behind (not cause I'm dumb or crazy lol, just schooling got messed up for a year in high school) and need to catch up in time to graduate and a structured program that won't let me advance rapidly would not suit me.


Are they using Keystone? (Because it sure looks like it). That's who I'm currently enrolled in but I plan to go with UNL's high school program for foreign since I've heard bad stuff about Keystone's foreign courses.

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hkLola, yes, they are using Keystone. I suggest, if you're interested, that you email Nutmeg Ballet yourself to find out about your own specific circumstance. Nutmeg Ballet

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Well that's good. I'm on the school newspaper there and love the program (I looked into a few others before deciding on it) but I even considered the Rock School but said no cause I thought that it'd be structured. I have tried contacting both Nutmeg and The Rock School and neither have replied to me in probably 2-3 weeks so I gave up hope on recieving a response. I thought I'd ask someone who might know and would respond to me lol.

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Cheetah, as far as I know, the website isn't current enough right now to include the info on the new academic program. They're working on it. :D

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