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Hi! I thought that since no one has replied to you I would! I don't live in the dorms, but I do attend Nutmeg year round and I attended the summer program last year. Personally, since I do not live in the dorms, I do not have any firsthand experience, but from what I have read in this thread, it seems like things have gotten better. There are three female RAs who seem to watch over the students very well. I'll also address some of tightswasher's questions. There are more boarding students than local students for the high school levels, but still a fair amount of each. The overall student population is probably somewhere around 40. The educational program for the year round kids is not the best schooling you'll find, but how ever much you put into it, you'll get out of it. Some dancers here don't care about their schoolwork, but others take it quite seriously and seem to get a lot out of it. There have been extra study halls established to force the kids who are behind to catch up. And you must use Keystone, their online schooling. Church on Sunday is not required, but there are many churches nearby, including a Catholic Church literally right next to the school. There are weekend activities, although there is not a whole lot to do in Torrington. I know that some kids go to the movies or the mall. A group is going to see Alice In Wonderland soon I believe. I honestly have not heard about any alcohol/drug abuse or eating disorders this year, but I know this was a problem in the past. Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but it does not seem like this is a problem anymore. Female students were punished for sneaking over to the boys house (they were just hanging out) and were not allowed to leave the building to walk to dunkin donuts or anything for I think a week or two. So maybe the discipline has improved?


I attended the summer program this past summer and I found it to be great. I lived at home since I live only 25 min from the school, but the dance education was wonderful. We also had the opportunity to perform at Jacob's Pillow on their outdoor stage, which was AMAZING. I heard that they might be doing that again this year. It was a very demanding program and very exhausting, but it was worth it. The summer program convinced me to come to the year round program and although I did like the summer program better (pointe classes every day during the summer) I still love the year round program. Mr. Melady, Mr. Alexander, Ms. MAzzarelli, Ms. D'Antuono, and Ms. Kunsch are all excellent teachers. All in all, I would recommend that your dancer try the summer program, see if they like it, and then decide about the year round program. But I would recommend both!


And about the favoritism that someone had mentioned- there doesn't seem to be any more favoritism here than at other schools. One of the reasons that I switched to Nutmeg actually was because the favoritism at my old school was getting to be too much. So for me, Nutmeg is an improvement!

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I would also like to comment on the issue about the administration that a parent had a few posts back. Marguerite Sabia no longer works at Nutmeg. I am not sure why she left. A parent of one of the students (who is one of the nicest women you'll ever meet) has partially taken over her job. So maybe the administration has changed? I have not had any problems with the administration since I have been here. Mr. Alexander, the principal, is very supportive. My mother did complain to him about a problem going in the school because she was upset. Mr. A was very open to her concerns and dealt with them well. And, I was still offered a spot at Nutmeg for next year despite my mother's complaints, so maybe things have gotten better over the past year or two? I have been pretty happy with my experience here.


Also, I know for a fact that students are required to sign out before they leave Nutmeg, and the RA's are really cracking down on this

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Oh, and I'll put in some info about where graduates are going this year! One girl was accepted as a trainee to Nashville Ballet, but I'm not sure if she's going. Another boy has offers from two companies so far (but I'm not sure which ones). Another girl is attending Point Park University as a dance major. Two others are planning on attending Point Park as dance majors, but they have also been offered traineeships at Atlanta Ballet if they attend the summer program, so they are attending Atlanta this summer and will make their absolute final decision once the summer intensive is over. Another graduate has been offered an apprenticeship with Ballet Theater Maryland. Another girl will be attending Belhaven as a dance major.

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A few questions:


1. What about past graduates? How often do the move on to the more prestigious ballet companies?


2. Is Nutmeg just about "ballet" or do they have pretty programs in modern and contemporary, (jazz, tap, hiphop, ballroom, etc.. basically any moves to music! :yes:


3. How are the partnering classes/opportunities?

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oops - double post. Sorry. Still trying to figure this board out. :yes:

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To tell you the truth, I'm don't have too much information about past graduates since I'm relatively new to the school. However, I do know that a few years ago they had a graduate go onto the Orlando Ballet and then the Washington Ballet (he's now a principal with Washington). One Nutmeg graduate went onto the Miami City Ballet, but I'm not sure exactly how many years ago that was. Another went onto Boston Ballet, but that was quite some time ago. Sorry I don't have any more info about more recent grads!


Nutmeg is mostly about ballet, but we do modern and contemporary as well. Actually, this year was the first year that we had a show called IMPACT in March which was a contemporary show. We did some of MOMIX's pieces since we have a lot of connections with MOMIX here at Nutmeg (and Moses Pendleton even came to the show and complimented our students on their performances of his pieces!) and some of our teachers choreographed pieces. It was a great experience! The modern company SYREN which is now in its 7th season I believe (and whose founder was a graduate of Nutmeg) also set a piece on Nutmeg students and performed a piece as well.

We also have modern classes (although not always regularly) throughout the year.

Many Nutmeg students also performed in the Warner Theater's A Chorus Line this past November (the Warner is right next to Nutmeg), so they got to do quite a bit of jazz dancing.

Nutmeg does hold adult classes in tap and jazz, etc. but usually the class times conflict with the Nutmeg students' schedules.

We do have partnering classes, but rarely (this is something that us students are trying to get fixed). However, we do learn pas de deux's in Rep and get instructed during those Rep classes in different partnering techniques.

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Just another update about Nutmeg. Two graduates are going on to be trainees with the Atlanta Ballet, one is going on to be a trainee with the North Carolina Dance Theater, and another is enrolling in Pittsburgh Ballet's post grad program.

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It seems like a positive swing for Nutmeg recently, based on the reports here from 2010. Anyone able to add further information for those who are currently looking at Nutmeg's year-round program?

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Just an update on where this year's graduates are headed



dance major at Adelphi University

trainee with North Carolina Dance Theatre

trainee or apprentice with Nashville Ballet

trainee with Joffrey Ballet in Chicago

politics major at Catholic University

trainee with Orlando Ballet

will be considered for OBII this summer

will be considered for American Repertory Ballet trainee this summer

history major at a CT community college

dance major at the University of Cincinnati

pre-med at the University of New England

post-grad program at Nutmeg



apprentice with Richmond Ballet

will be considered for acceptance to Boston Ballet School this summer

post-grad program at Nutmeg

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Also, there have been more weekend activities available this year, which I know was a complaint of previous repliers. Two students have really been working hard to create trips that would benefit the student community. This was organized more toward the end of the year, but I know that they have big plans for next year. Trips this year included going to see NYCB perform Swan Lake, a trip to a lake in Torrington, a trip to see MOMIX in Hartford, a trip to Six Flags, and a haunted hayride (I know I'm forgetting a few).

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Thank you for the very comprehensive response! Congratulations also on the accomplishments of the graduates. :(

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I am auditioning for Nutmeg's year round program in May and I was wondering a few things


1) What do they look for when trying to decide about accepting a dancer?


2) Are the academics challenging? I currently take honors classes at my school. (I'm a freshman in high school)


3) Is it really, really hard to get into Nutmeg's year round?


I'm really really nervous about my audition.



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