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Natural Talent

Guest babygurlesq

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In ballet, as with anything else, talent is that special gift, or facility for excelling in something. It's what a great artist in any area has that is often indefinable. In ballet of course it's the physical gifts to start with, but beyond that it's the innate musicality, the natural coordination, the "dance intelligence" which allows someone to learn something and almost immediately understand it and have the kinetic ability for the body to understand it, and a sense of drama and performance. And it is also the passion, and this creates the focus, committment, dedication, and perseverance. There must also be a love of extremely hard work, and possession of extremely good health and a great energy level! :)


All of this, along with long legs, beautifully arched feet, exceptional rotation and flexibility, combined with incredibly good training starting at a relatively young age, and voila, talent! :D

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Guest Colleen

Talent is a delightful girl who I'm teaching this year. She only started ballet in January and already she's taking gr. 5 RAD. Along with her gorgeous feet and beautiful legs and flat turnout, she has a natural movement to her. And she picks up things so quickly. Last class her leg was turned in during a grand battement a la seconde, and i just walked by and casually said "turn your knee to the ceiling" and would you believe that on the very next one her leg was completely a la seconde and beautifully turned out. I was shocked to say the least, but pleasantly surprised. :)

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Guest babygurlesq

Thanks Ms. Leigh and Colleen!


Those reponses were very insightful and enlightening. I have a much better understanding of what people mean when they say this now. :)


Well the long legs, and early start I lack. And I can't even begin to understand what people mean by beautiful feet or how I could assess my own truthfully -- no matter how many times it's described ::giggle:: . But I think I may be ok on the rest.


I guess I'll have to wait for my personal assesment to come from a teacher. Hoping and praying....


Wish me luck!



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Guest verdura

Well in my opinion Tracy Victoria's definition is perfect but id like to express mine to you although it might not be so precise.I think that a "gifted" ballerina have long legs , a good turn out , a small head and long limbs.She must have the "danceur noble " posture wich means some sort of finesse , pure line , serenity and total mastering of thecnique that will give to the audience the sensation of delight watching a "lyrical" and "poetic" phrasing of movements

performed with an excellent "rythm complex" and supleness wich makes the Dance one of the most delightful things to watch.She must kno how o us her mental plan to stylize the movement , her legs and feet are able to ilustrate the coreography , but the rest of th body must e able to express the dramatic context of the ballet.On the whole i thnk it means: beauty , youthness , personality , mechanic ability , thecnique , musicality , dramatic ability , grace , supleness ,finesse , serenity and lots , really lots of passion and love for the dance.I hope i've passed you some good points!

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Guest verdura

Hi again Tracy ! i wish to tell you some few more things about the "natural talent" ....hope it's of good use for you and everyone else.To me the Dance is not only to dance.The ballet is composed by 4 factors: dance , drama , music , "décor" .The "gifted ballerina must show her pure classical lines through a phrasing and perfect "legato".She must have well placed and fluid movements , making use of course of the athletic strenght necessary that must be totally dominated by the fluidity and supple appearence.

Well mastered and controlled thecnique , pure lines , high elevation , finesse , confidence ,and serenity(always).The "rythm complex" it's ilustrated by a self sense of form and dynamics on her gests.It's aso about the instinct on knowing exactly on wich moment she must be in a particular part of the stage concerning the correspondent musical note , on the coreography and score.She must transfer her weight imperceptibly , having her own subjective dance building her thecnique.The natural "virtuose" ballet dancer can transcend thru his particular ability more than simply execute "pyrotechnics" and transmuting it on a poetic movement.According to Mm. Ninnete de Valois

a "lyrical" and "poetic" dancer is relaxed and conveys a sensation of grace , fluidity , poetry instead of being worried about showing her arsenal of "fireworks" and acrobacies like "legs behind the head" etc...

A perfect line might be spotted through the possibility of drawing a line of a continuous line along te arms , torso , legs.Continuing with the very fundamental knowing of the control of the weight of the head and its placement.

I've been seeng a lot of beautiful bodies , well trained ,everything moving in the right way ,

outsized extensions , perfect mastered thecnique ,

but no inner world , feelings of the drama and dream itself , like for instance "to dance the music" and not "to dance for the music".Everyone is so professional , so worried about perfection , and thecnique , but no real art coming out , that sort of art wich inebriates the audience.Don't give up , follow yur dream and baby steps you might achieve what you seek.

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